Farewell lunch(es) Part 1 – Vision Art Studio

Goodbye is never an easy word to say, especially when you’ve grown attached to something or some people. For me, it was especially hard to bid farewell to my fellow colleagues and friends from Ernst & Young, after my 6 months internship came to an end last Friday.


Choon Beng (our awesome Tax director) treated me and Cherie to lunch a week prior to the end of internship, and at his recommendation, we headed over to Vision Art Studio along Boat Quay. Many of you won’t notice this small cafe tucked on the second floor along the row of seafood and “rip-off” restaurants, but if you take a closer look, maybe you’ll be able to find it:


Vision Art Studio along Boat Quay. Look out for the very well-hidden entrance!


MAN! If you are thinking that it’s impossible to get a peaceful and relaxing meal at CBD, with no ‘hawk-liked eyes’ glaring at you from all around waiting for you to slurp up your noodles/rice and vacate your seat, you’re wrong! I was pleasantly surprised at the peacefulness of the cafe (it’s like nobody knows its existence but yet the food was reasonably tasty and worth it!).


A few pictures of the interior:





They even have armchairs for you to relax and sip on tea!


Vision Art Studio, from what I understand, operates as a cafe in the day, and doubles up as an art studio in the evenings (hence the name Vision Art Studio). There are calligraphy courses and art display classes going on, according to their website!


But abstract brush strokes aside, we were more concerned about our food and empty stomachs. So, we placed our orders!



Choon Beng's "mee-siam"



My chicken rice!


I’m not too sure about how the Mee Siam tasted, but my chicken rice was indeed yummy! Well, the rice was as per all other chicken rice style, but the chicken was tender, and had a tinge of black pepper cum soya sauce flavouring to it, making it unique and standing out from the rest of the chicken rice I’ve tasted so far where all you eat just tastes of OIL. Don’t let the portion size fool you, you can end up rather filled after the meal!


Dessert time came!


Cherie and Choon Beng ordered their speciality “White Angel”, supposedly milk with some paste/pudding in it (if I didn’t remember wrongly). You have to stir it to see the pudding float up (quite gross-looking but actually tastes nice!).



And I had their Wolfberry Ice Cream, topped with milk (not coconut milk but fresh milk! So, those allergic or sensitive to coconut milk, no worries!)



We had mua-chee too, although I didn’t get a shot of it. But their mua-chee is made on the spot at the ‘dining area’ near the kitchen! Look!


Fresh mua-chee in the making!


The food at Vision Art Studio may be relatively tastier than other eateries around CBD, but you may have to wait a little while longer compared to the rest of the stalls. They serve organic food (all ingredients are organic) and are cooked on the spot at their kitchen, and due to their limited manpower (perhaps), thus the extended waiting time. But hey, trust me, it’s worth the wait!


Oh, yes, and the thing I like about this cafe is it revolves around the theme of a family home, so you actually do feel like you’re dining at home, with the ‘living room/dining room’ concept, and the feel you get when you step into the cafe! And yes, they require you to take off your shoes when you enter! So remember not to wear socks with holes or stinky socks! HAHA.


More pictures!




Drawings from the art classes in the evenings.


And to end off this post, a group photo of us after our very very satisfying meal! Thanks Choon Beng!




If you wish to know more about Vision Art Studio (no I’m not advertising for them), you can find them on their website here!

Or visit them at 37A, Boat Quay.




My own pros & cons about the place:



  • Very homely feeling! Really makes you feel like you’ve headed home for lunch between work!
  • Really nice organic food. Portion is reasonable and tastes good!
  • Air conditioned – so you don’t sweat like a pig in the stupid CBD afternoon heat
  • You get a window seat facing Singapore River if you’re lucky.
  • Waiting time for food may be slightly longer than other cafes/eateries
  • Prices are a tad more expensive compared to other kopitiams around (averaging $4/5 for a plate of chicken rice/mee siam)
  • No matter where your office is, you have to walk in the sun/rain to get to Boat Quay restaurants
So do check it out if you have the time. :)
Farewell lunch(es) Part 2 coming up!!!







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