Another death in another water source

The hot topic today revolves around the case of a dismembered lower body (already highly decomposed) found floating in Bedok Reservoir. Police were alerted to the scene at around 10.30 a.m., and it is still unsure where the upper half of the body is now.


You can read the source from Straits Times online here.



Seems like murderers and pyscho idiots have been attracted by our Singapore water sources. Just last month, a Bangala murdered an Indonesian maid and dumped her body into a water tank at Block 686B Woodlands Drive 73.  Now, another idiot has disposed of (half) a body into one of Singapore’s biggest reservoir. What is wrong with these people? Do they really fancy drinking this kind of water? *recalls Japanese horror movie Dark Water*


Made me wonder about it (just on a lighter note, no offense meant):


When the body of the Indonesian maid was discovered in the tank, residents demanded to the Town Council and PUB to take action and change the water tank involved. The tank was subsequently changed, and a new one put in place and into service.


The body of an Indonesian maid was found in a water tank on 17 May 2011 at Woodlands Drive 73.


May 21, 2011: Discussions were underway for the water tank to be closed and replaced.


June 16, 2011: A new water tank was installed and put into service at Block 686B, Woodlands Drive 73


Today, 20 June 2011: Half a body was found floating in Bedok Reservoir


So, if Bedok residents were to put up a petition and demand that something be done, will PUB close Bedok Reservoir and change it? *dreams*


Nah, just a stupid thought that crossed my mind.


Nevertheless, I hope that the murderer will be caught and given a taste of his own medicine. These bastards need to know that Singapore’s laws are not to be trifled with, and that they have no right to take a life with their own hands.


My condolences to the victims in both the Woodlands case and the Bedok Reservoir case. May they rest in peace and justice be served upon their murderers.



This post is written on a light note to the unfortunate discovery and death of the victims involved in both the Woodlands case and the Bedok Reservoir case. No jokes or offense was meant to be taken or directed towards the nature of both deaths. 



All photos courtesy of The Straits Times. Please credit ST if you wish to reproduce the photos.


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