$1500 to repay a person’s life, is it enough?

I read with disgust this news article published last week, where Chinese national Xu Yuanyuan, 19, was fined S$1,500 for jaywalking and causing a cyclist to crash into her. Mr. Lock Wai Chee, 42, died in hospital later as a result of injury complications.



Xu Yuanyuan admitted to the court and the police that she jaywalked when the ‘red man’ was lighted up, and that she did not check her sides prior to crossing the road even though she had her spectacles on!




You cross a road… no no.. YOU JAYWALK WITHOUT CHECKING THE ROADS!? What kind of rubbish is this?!



I personally feel a fine of $1,500 is too light for her. These kind of people should be taught a severe lesson! She ultimately caused the death of another person. Yes, Mr. Lock was also in the wrong for not wearing a helmet and maintaining the bicycle properly, but certainly he didn’t deserve this death NOR this mild repayment of justice?


I’m sure most avid cyclists out there (I’m just a beginner though, but even at this stage I feel pissed at her reading this) would agree that she should be dealt with a more harsh punishment.


What do you think?


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