Farewell lunch(es) Part 2 – Todai Singapore (international seafood and sushi restaurant)

And here comes the long overdue entry on my farewell lunch. ><


As part of our department cohesion and also a farewell for Sharanya and myself (while we were still with Ernst & Young), the Marketing and Communications department headed to Todai Singapore, an international seafood and sushi restaurant, tucked in a cozy corner at the basement of Marina Bay Sands. Those of you who love great food as well may be interested in online cooking schools and programs. Food is such a fantastic part of our lives.


Before I continue, this is a picture intensive post! hahaha. *you have been warned*



Anyways, so we headed down there, and it was really really great! It’s a buffet style restaurant, so you get to choose your own food and have unlimited servings (unless they run out of it), and there’s really a wide range of variety for you to choose from!


Words aside, I shall let the pictures do the talking!


Each seat comes with a table 'menu-map' of the restaurant so you know where to get your food!


I lugged my D700 around Todai to catch all the different corners of the restaurant, so here’s a small virtual tour for you! Firstly, starting off your meal with salads:


Wide range of 'grasses' for you to choose and chew on...

Sushi counter - the sushi rolls are made on the spot in front of you!

And if you're tired of Asian food, here's the western side for you! (PS: The chinese cuisine is further down, nothing interesting to shoot so I didn't take a photo)

They even have a churrasco counter

Some spicy noodles with kimchi for you?

My FAVOURITE counter! I swear I ate like 7 full plates of sashimi. He should just give me the entire salmon chunk and I'll chew it myself :)

Todai's Bar - in case you're craving alcoholic drinks

If not, the soft drinks and teas are here.

And finally, what's a meal without desserts right?? Check out the huge variety of sweets there!

And here’s what I ate (ok, maybe only 1/4 of what I ate):

Clockwise from top left: freshly made sushi; fried rice (which is awesome but a pity to eat if you're at a buffet and don't eat better stuff) with braised duck and Asian cuisine dishes; SASHIMI!!!; and the next favourite of mine, SNOW CRABS!



I think if I wasn’t wearing formal wear there and am there eating with close friends, I’d have really piled my plate with crabs (and much more salmon) :P


But nevertheless, here’s my dessert! I was really full that I could only afford to eat a plate of it:


Dessert: mango pudding, watermelon, pineapple, strawberry cheesecake AND A CHUNK OF REALLY DELICIOUS PLAIN DARK CHOCOLATE


For you chocolate lovers, you HAVE to try that chocolate chunk when you’re there. It really melts in your mouth and let you have a taste of heaven LOL


Yes, so anyway, I think the price at Todai was quite reasonable (probably around $40++ per pax for a lunch buffet). There are some promotions going on now, so if you’re interested to head down for lunch or dinner, check out their website here first for the latest deals so that you can plan your trip, save some money, and yet feast on some really good food!


Ending off this post with a group photo of my department (less my other Director and some colleagues who were on leave):


*I didn’t notice that I was too far left in the picture ><


Marketing and Communications department - Ernst & Young


Thanks guys for the lunch, and of course, the really enriching and fulfilling six months internship :)


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