NDP 2011 “Fun pack song”: What is this??




I’m supposed to turn in and have an early night but this just disgusted me and spoilt my day. For those of you who haven’t seen the latest tragedy (yes I call it a tragedy) in this year’s National Day Parade, here it is:



This is not considered patriotism, neither do I personally think this is considered love for the country, nor even the slightest chance at an attempt to ‘remix’ and introduce new age music into the NDP scene.


For ONE, there is ZERO relevance to our country. Someone tell me what a Lady Gaga song has to do with Singapore’s birthday?


For TWO, isn’t this supposed to be considered a breach of copyright for using such a popular tune for such distasteful lyrics?


And what the hell does it mean by Kopi-oooo.oooo.oooo *slaps forehead*


I’m utterly disgraced and embarrassed by this preparations for our upcoming NDP. Whatever happened to the oldies and popular songs? Even the recent years’ theme songs, (albeit them being a little unpopular at times), are much more better and carry more meaning than this.


The Creative Director or whoever who came up with this rubbish needs to be sacked. YES SACKED.


And so says user TimeWaitsForNone on the YouTube video:


omfg, NDP committee has hit a new all-time low.


And another one went:


I hope whoever was in charge of the song choices gets the sack. srsly. The songs don’t have a single thing that is related to Singapore


What do you think about this song and this issue?






Oops, looks like the 3 days I was away saw much furore over the ‘so called’ Fun Pack song. I call it utter rubbish. Anyway, I read a newspaper quote stating the exact words of Chairman, NDP 2011 Show segment: Colonel (COL) Ong Tze-Ch’in.


But we did not realise that the rights obtained did not include rights to modify the lyrics of the song. We are currently working to rectify this.


Right. So now an SAF officer thinks there was nothing wrong to ‘rip’ song lyrics off the net, change it and broadcast it to the entire world. Rubbish. Utter rubbish. Good luck COL Ong. I foresee a ‘hanta-kaki’ for you for at least the next few years.


And I was also appalled at this year’s NDP Creative Director, Beatrice Chia-Richmond, who said that it was penned to ‘reflect the musical concept of NDP 2011’. Sorry ah Beatrice, which part of ‘kopi-oooooooooo’ is musical??


All in all, I’m glad the Show committee realized its ‘brilliance’ and decided to shelf this song for now. Let’s hope they will come up with something better, and hopefully, with the appropriate copyrights and permissions.


Also, check out this hilarious YouTube video where “Hitler” slams this entire episode. It’s extremely hilarious, and provides a good laughing break and takes your mind off the ‘song’ that the committee came up with:





Well, another update:


Just when I thought NDP songs were really going down the drain and this year’s EXCO is seriously in need of some self-reflection, this song partially redeemed them.


In a heartbeat – NDP 2011 Theme Song. Indeed sounds quite awesome, as per reviews by friends and bloggers/netizens.






3 thoughts on “NDP 2011 “Fun pack song”: What is this??

  1. oh nice. Hearing this tune at 7am in the morning, is just lovely. I am getting the goosebumps. Seriously. Nice try whoever did up this. Nice.

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