Trekking the KTM tracks: A walk down memory lane

Well, it isn’t exactly a memory lane for me as I’ve never taken a KTM train in my life. And honestly, until I wiki-ed KTM to link the earlier sentence, I didn’t know what the hell KTM stood for. *fail*


But, like all other curious people in this country, I decided to join my friends Zoe and Hansen in a small trek along the KTM railway tracks last Sunday. It was the last day where most of the tracks would be open to the public, except for a small 3km stretch from Rifle Range Road to Rail Mall.


Armed with our DSLRs and thanks to instructions from The Green Corridor, we met at Kranji MRT and set off in search for a suitable car park to park my car. But sadly, the nearest car park was at Turf Club, at a whopping S$5.00 per entry! I blatantly refused to pay that money, and so we turned around, and scouted more, and landed up at Kranji War Memorial. HAHA. Ironic eh. And so we set off for our trek from Woodlands Road to Sungei Kadut (near CCK).


*Please, the sign at the gate stated that the memorial will be closed at 6.30 p.m. so we were kinda afraid we won’t make it back on time and my car will have to spend the night in the cemetery! >.<


Anyways, enough of nonsense. This is a photo-intensive post, so enjoy  :)


We literally bashed our way through the tall grass (ok not very tall) under the MRT tracks to reach the KTM tracks.


Sky was super blue and nice (although a part of it was already dark and cloudy), but thank god it didn't rain!


Had to lie flat on the tracks to take this shot. I wouldn't dare attempt it on an active track or I'll probably end up being minced by an oncoming train.


As we walked further towards Woodlands direction, dark clouds started forming above us.


According to Hansen, every marker indicates a distance of 250m. We passed by countless of them! Walked till really leg pain sia.


My shooting khakis for the day! And please, kudos to Zoe for wearing SHORTS and SLIPPERS and walking the entire trail with us!


Camped out near the MRT tracks to catch this shot! Still my favourite among the entire collection I have!


The tracks were filled with skeletons, presumably from the hungry animals lurking around in the bushes that come out to feast at night.


Friendly cyclist who waved at us as he rode past! Pity his ass after the ride.


And finally, we reached the signal-crossing control hut at Sungei Kadut.


Messy interior of the hut - the last signal operator probably couldn't give a damn to clear up the mess.


Clearance forms from LTA lying all over the place.


And after that, we refused to walk back all the way along the tracks, so we headed towards Woodlands Road where we originally decided to walk along the road (ON FLAT PROPER GROUND) back to Kranji War Memorial.


Guess what… we ended up taking a bus back! HAHA. An 2 hour trek down from Woodlands to Sungei Kadut, and a 5 minutes bus ride back. Super vast difference >.<


We headed back, and thank god my car was still there. Sat down at Kranji War Memorial for a while, and we discovered the resting places of Dr Benjamin Sheares and President Yusof Ishak. Snapped a few more shots there (ok mostly was me shooting – the two others were tired out of their souls), and headed off in search for dinner!


Group shot outside Kranji War Memorial. That was the only road mirror I could find, although it's really fucking dirty.


The map that we walked can be found here at The Green Corridor’s website.



Most of the tracks have been cordoned off for demolition works since 18 July, but if you’ve missed your chance to walk the KTM tracks, you can still do so from now till the end of this month. A 3 km stretch of the railway will remain open from Rifle Range Road to Rail Mall (Bukit Timah), so head down now and experience a 3 km stretch of super-uncomfortable trekking! hahaha.


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