President-Emeritus Su Guaning?

After the last General Elections, Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong and Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew decided to step down from Cabinet, handing the reins over to a new and younger team to lead the country. SM Goh was then conferred the title Emeritus Senior Minister in recognition of his contributions to the country (which I don’t object because yes he did contribute a LOT and he probably deserves the title).


Now, it seems that certain organizations are basking in the same joy and ‘honour’ of having the title ‘EMERITUS’ added to their name, thinking that it’s fun or adds an ‘oomph’ to its name or organization in fact.


Firstly, Temasek Review.


Yes, they branded themselves TR-Emeritus. WOW. Anyway, I tried to google it online to get a screen shot of their self-proclaimed title but was presented with another present instead. Not sure if it’s the latest news or I’m slow:


TR website is down?


Moving on, another organization has so naturally conferred the Emeritus title to it’s President, none other than the Nanyang Technological University. hur hur.



You can read the full report here.


NTU students, do you think it’s really necessary to confer the title to Su?


So when Bertil steps down in a few years time, will he be President Emeritus Bertil and Su become President Mentor Su? haha just wondering :P



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