The new face of death…

For Windows users only, that is.


Windows recently revealed a new Blue Screen of Death, or more commonly known as BSoD. For those who aren’t aware of what this fearful page looks like (or perhaps Mac users who have never suffered this tragic fate before – because you probably won’t :P ), here is an example of the old BSoD:


The old Windows BSoD interface. Loads of words but basically telling you your computer is screwed. - Photo courtesy of the Internet


In a bid to appear more ‘friendly’ and perhaps ‘comforting’ (or maybe offering condolences, thus the :( emoticon) to those whose Windows unfortunately crashed on them, Microsoft revamped the old ‘text-chunky’ BSoD to this new one below, complete with a smiley face! This new BSoD was revealed together with the launch of the new Windows 8 two days ago at the Build conference.


The new and revamped BSoD :( - Photo courtesy of the Internet


I see Microsoft has decided to do away with all the chunky text and simply tell you that you need to restart your computer. In a short and succint way, it managed to put across the same ‘you’re screwed’ message, but this time, with better summarizing skills :)


Now I’m not saying I’m siding with Mac (maybe I am, but trying to be objective here haha). Mac computers DO crash, just less often compared to Windows.


Compare this with the Mac version of an error (and prompting you to restart your computer).


The Mac BSoD - in different languages! - Photo courtesy of the Internet


Which of the BSoD’s do you think is the most efficient or attractive (comforting)?


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