iPhone 4S vs iPhone 4

So Apple launched its new iPhone 4S today, instead of the widely anticipated iPhone 5. Just a quick browse through my Twitter and Facebook timeline showed countless rants and voices of disappointment regarding this launch when everyone was expecting a whole new iPhone. Well, now that the 4S is out, and it looks EXACTLY the same as the 4, you can go around trolling your friends saying you have a 4S, and trust me, they won’t even know.


Anyway, for those who are bitching about how disappointed they are about ‘waiting a few months just for the iPhone 5 to come out so that I can change a phone’, quit kicking up a fuss. You and me both know that the odds of you ending up with a 4S is so high – it’s an Apple product. That’s all you need to know, and that says all it can about it’s kick-ass technology (take into comparison Mac OS vs Windows… can Windows do Expose? Can Windows do Spaces? Does Keynote or Powerpoint look cooler? HAHAHA.) A little bit of design and history retaining ain’t going to kill you.


But I do pity those 3rd party case makers – have seen quite a number of them stocking up cases of the new iPhone 5 with the sleek large screen… and now, all they can do is to sit back and suck thumb. Awww…


Anyway, out of curiousity (no I won’t change to the 4S. I love my iPhone 4), I searched for the main differences  between the 4 and the 4S. Straits Times came up with a pretty summarized chart which I’m attaching here for those who are interested.


Comparison between the iPhone 4S (left) and the iPhone 4 (right). Courtesy of The Straits Times.


Can you believe it: with a better camera and a more powerful dual-core processor, the 4S still sucks in battery life. 200 hours on standby as compared to the 300 hours on the 4??


As for me, I don’t really care about the 4S. I just want my iOS 5, with it’s awesome notification centre and iMessage functions.



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