The Noose or Channel 5?

Stumbled upon this clip posted online on Facebook after the Circle Line’s full opening. Watching it really made me wonder if the Executive Producer doing this came from The Noose or was this made to mock The Noose.



Awesome eh?


1) Reporter claiming he and his team are hardworking enough to catch one of the very first trains rolling out onto the fully opened Circle Line. Wow. So what about your team manning radios at 5 a.m. or your production team back at the studio? Your Singlish really tok gong (awesome) by the way…


2) TRAINSPOTTING YO! I’m really full of respect for this hobby. Yes I do read up about trains and I know bits and pieces of our SMRT trains and their make/model/origin. But this guy (Jay Tan) wows me. Maybe train-spotting or bus-spotting will become a profession soon! He should be employed by the LTA. Muahaha.


3) I just realized schools nowadays do provide really enriching and comprehensive excursions. Students talk like they’ve been to the Artic and the desert! Nice job, Mr Heng Swee Keat.


So is this really The Noose or really Channel 5 news?


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