[#MYPSLEAGGREGATE] When I was 12 years old…

Today marks another milestone for a cohort of (not so young) children in their educational life – release of the PSLE results.


And so I heard, this year’s top scorer earned a total of 283 points out of 300 (how IMBAH is that – I really cannot foresee myself doing that even if I were to reverse time.)


Top scorer for 2011 PSLE Yasmin Ziqin | Photo taken from ST Online, courtesy of Nuria Ling (The Straits Times)


Congratulations Yasmin!

(Enjoy your break, not too sure if you’ll be called up to star in the usual Essence of Chicken advertisements! :D)


Anyway, so I read from Edvantage that the second top scorer was Muzammil Arif from ACS (Primary). According to Arif, his inspiration is former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew (that’s ok), and that he has finished reading all of Mr Lee’s memoirs.




12 years old and he has read all of Mr Lee’s memoirs?! Power sia. *thumbs up*


When I was 12, all I read was Tintin books, True Singapore Ghost Stories and Roald Dahl! LOL. Maybe that’s why I didn’t score 282 :P



On a consolation point, when I was 12, Mr Lee’s memoirs weren’t published yet. Muahaha.


On another side note, congratulations to my cousin TY for earning awesome scores for her PSLE! Proud of you!


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