Christmas on NTU’s learning portal: edveNTUre

Despite the fact that many students in Nanyang Technological University are still halfway mugging their way through and stuffing their over-loaded brains with theories for the upcoming exams, the university saw it fit to inject a festive sense of humour on their website.


Christmas at NTU (or not)


The Christmas deco-theme was uploaded onto NTU’s e-learning website: edveNTUre earlier this week. *edited* Ok let me  clarify that I’m not against this idea or fuming over this – just amused that they would actually do this. (maybe if they had better PR (or whatever you call it), they might have waited till after exams right? Lol. Oh wells.)


So, is this really supposed to cheer students up and motivate them saying Christmas is coming (and in quite bad taste and time too)? But ok lah, I shall give you effort points, NTU.


All the best to those who still have papers! Jiayou :)


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