Psst: 2012 MacBook Air is coming!

When Apple launched the redesigned version of its thinnest laptop ever – the MacBook Air – in late 2010, it attracted a huge market for the product, especially the 11.6 inch version. At that point, there were no other models/brands that could compete with Apple with regards to its slim and thin size.


The 2010 MacBook Air - available in 11" and 13" versions. A 15" version is said to be expected next year. Photo | Courtesy of Internet


Now, 2 years later, Apple might just do another update. There has been rumours going around that the new MacBook Air is due first quarter of 2012 (which is essentially soon!), and a 15 inch one is expected to be launched to complement the 15 inch MacBook Pro. Honestly, I find it easier to lug the Air around compared to the Pro – I’m using a 13″ now and it gets really heavy at times, not to mention holding a 15″.


However, today when I visited a retail store with a friend to enquire on getting a MBA, I was told that the new MacBook Air will be released just next month! Yes, that also fits in with the targeted and rumoured “Q1 2012” timeline, but hey, at least you (probably) won’t have to wait until end of Q1 (March) for the launch right? Not too sure how accurate this information is (he has so far been accurate in his speculations and “source-info” pieces), but to those who are intending to get the current MBA, you might just want to wait a little bit longer… (maybe a month or a month and a half?) :P


Happy waiting.


3 thoughts on “Psst: 2012 MacBook Air is coming!

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