On board Singapore Flyer’s Moët and Chandon champagne flight

As promised, here’s the post on our experience on board the Singapore Flyer’s Moët and Chandon champagne flight!


Up till the day we took the flight, I’ve only been onto the normal capsule of the Singapore Flyer, squeezing (at times) with the 27 other passengers on board the flight capsule. This Moët and Chandon ride indeed opened my eyes and perspective to a whole new level of luxury on board the Singapore Flyer, and experience how a VIP flight would be on board a specially decorated and themed capsule!


Our tickets to the champagne flight!


Those of you who have been to the Flyer before would have boarded from Level 2 directly via the new Journey of Dreams, and subsequently, into the waiting “gantry bridge” onto the Flyer platform. For special flights such as the Moët and Chandon flight, we were first ushered into the Guest Services Lounge on Level 1 (beside the seafood restaurant), where we collected special passes and took a private elevator up to the third floor! VIP much!


Private lift in the Guest Services Lounge to bring you up to the third floor!


And, on the third floor…


The Flyer Lounge!


Tadah! The Flyer Lounge! Tucked away in a corner of the second level, the Lounge houses a comfortable indoor relaxation and drinking area for express boarding, as well as an outdoor area for guests to take in the scenery and skyline of the new Gardens by the Bay and the CBD (together with the iconic Marina Bay Sands!)


Interior of the Flyer Lounge


You can order beverages (spirits, alcohol, mocktails...etc) while waiting for your flight at the Flyer Lounge too.


Outdoor area of the Lounge, overlooking the Singapore skyline and the Gardens by the Bay (not pictured here).


The staff there were extremely attentive, and immediately offered to help us take a picture when they saw me reach for my S95! :)


Us in the Flyer Lounge!


A while later, another member of the Flyer usher group came to lead us through part of the Journey of Dreams exhibition to the third floor. I expected to board the Flyer using the same “gantry bridge” as normal passengers, but instead, we were ushered behind a black curtain that led to another “private” gantry bridge! From there, we remained inside the air-conditioned bridge waiting for our capsule to slowly make its way down.


When we finally caught sight of capsule A2, it was like “WOW!” Two glimmering and spacious sofas, and a beautifully decorated interior of bubbles (note: Moët and Chandon theme). To my surprise, the staff even slowed the rotation of the capsule down, rushed in to set up the Bose sound system, and prepared the capsule just for us!


Well, in case you’re wondering, I did not book the entire capsule for the both of us :P It ultimately depends on your luck as to whether you will be sharing the capsule with other passengers who purchased the same tickets – but we were lucky enough not to have any other passengers on board our flight – making the entire Moët and Chandon Flyer experience a private and extremely nice one!


As we were ushered up the capsule, I noticed the entire queue of passengers waiting at the other side of the bridge. I felt kinda “pai seh” that so many pairs of eyes were fixed on us, some with envy, some with curiousity (wondering who the hell were these two VIPs), some whom just can’t be bothered. Haha. We were served our glasses of champagne, and the flight began!


Inside the Moët and Chandon flight capsule!


The decorated roof design of the capsule.


One of our champagne glasses - together with a huge bottle of Moët and Chandon in the background (housed in a glass casing, of course).




Since there was nobody else in the capsule, we decided to do a self-timer shot of the two of us!


At the top of the world! (Ok, not the world, just the Flyer >.< )


View from the Flyer from the highest point.


And on the other side, Tanjong Rhu and the East Coast scenery.


Unfortunately, 30 minutes sped past and soon, we reached the end of our flight. Stomachs filled with champagne, we reluctantly disembarked and headed down to the gift shop. *Another round of envious or bothered or curious stares from the queue of passengers*. I concluded that if you went on one of these flights, you really must have thick skin, and not feel any sense of pai-seh-ness when boarding and disembarking the capsule. EVERYONE will stare at you. I mean everyone.


It was indeed an eye-opener and a very nice evening spent on board the Flyer. We really enjoyed ourselves – and might just head back to try one of the other flights!


For those who are interested, the Moët and Chandon champagne flight, for just S$69.00 nett per person, comes with the following:

  • 1 flute of Moët and Chandon champagne
  • 1 rotation on board the Singapore Flyer’s themed capsule (they have a few themed capsules for different flights)
  • Exclusive check-in and express boarding (including usage of Flyer Lounge)
  • Free entry to the new Journey of Dreams exhibition (well, all ticket holders, normal or special flights, get to go through this, so I’m not sure why the website listed this as though it were some privilege :P )
Do also note that there are only 5 flight timings: 3 pm, 5 pm, 7 pm, 8 pm and 9 pm, so head down and book your tickets early!




One thought on “On board Singapore Flyer’s Moët and Chandon champagne flight

  1. Hi Kaiwin:

    Season greetings from Singapore Flyer.

    Glad you enjoyed your champagne flight experience with us.

    Looking forward to seeing you soon.

    Marketing Communications Department, Singapore Flyer

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