Hammering a 10-year-old kid because he finished fried rice??

I read with disgust (and I mean, real disgust) this news article on a family being sentenced after being abusive towards ten-year-old kid over a period of two years. He is just TEN YEARS OLD – he probably doesn’t even know 1/4 of the things you know.


According to Yahoo! news,


Family members who tortured a child over a two-year period were sentenced to jail yesterday.

The 10-year-old boy – who has been left with severe facial disfigurement – was beaten, burned and even had his fingers cut by his grandaunt, 44, and her family, reported TODAY.

The court heard that he was hit on his mouth with a hammer last year after he finished some fried rice supposedly for the family.

A few months later, he was again abused – this time for allegedly stealing food and playing with the knobs of the gas stove.

According to TODAY, his grandaunt punished him by splashing hot cooking oil on him. She also used a hot iron and ladle on him, and cut his fingers with a pair of scissors. Her three daughters helped to hold the boy.

On another occasion, his hands were tied with a cable tie and his mouth taped with scotch tape after he was allegedly found stealing food again.

The family’s lawyer said the family had financial woes and that the grandaunt “merely wanted to frighten” the boy. 


First of all, I detest violence. I may swear at people but I always felt violence is never the way to solve things. This family, or rather, women, obviously do not know this. The fact that the 44 year old grandaunt is a mother of two herself doesn’t make things better.WOMAN, how would you feel if someone snipped the fingers off your precious daughters, or scalded her with an iron or hot oil? 


And the worst thing of all, how can you even beat the boy with a fucking hammer just because he finished a bowl of fried rice? Are you even humans?! (Oh I’m sorry you can’t see this because you’ll be in JAIL!)


I sometimes wonder why people treat others so differently and not even consider how they would feel if the same was inflicted on their own flesh and blood. Inhumane. 5 years of jail, in my own opinion, is not enough for this lady. Her daughters should go through the same trauma as the poor boy just to make them suffer.




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