Auto Parking System for Cars

A decade or more ago, when technology wasn’t so advanced and reverse sensors on cars were still not out in the market, drivers relied on their estimation and ‘agar-ration’ to park their cars, especially during parallel parking. Sometimes, they get a bit out of hand and end up taking off the bumper of the car behind them.


Then, reverse sensors were invented – a huge burden taken off drivers, especially those who weren’t confident of their own parking skills (a lot of proven cases and testimonials of idiots who can’t drive and end up crashing over the kerb, aunties driving into rubbish bin enclosures…).


Now, with another advanced step in technology, you can just pull up next to the lot you want to park, press a simple button, and hey-ho, the car will park for you. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?


I understood that the new BMW Highline series in Singapore comes with this Auto Parking system, as depicted in the video shown below. Do correct me if I’m wrong here about the Highline series – I’m still trying to figure out what’s the differences between the Highline and the normal 523i or 528i (this has turbo though!)



Amazing right? Now Hyundai came up with one too! The Korean based Elantra (I still refuse to call it the Avante!) now has the 2012 Auto Parking System! (Unfortunately, it’s only available in Korea :(    )




People are indeed getting lazier and lazier. Now I wonder if there’s any way we can install this in my Elantra…


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