Milo Easy Cool – Just add cold water and shake!

After a very very hot and humid day (especially these few days when the weather turns erratic and is scorching hot roasting our skins), some of us would love and yearn for a cold 100-Plus, or maybe a bottle/can of coke. Some of us would prefer something more ‘nutritious’ such as Milo!


Milo 3-in-1 sachets | Photo - Internet


Now, imagine this. Hot day. Scorching sun. *looks for something cold* You pour a spoonful of Milo powder and add cold water, but instead, it doesn’t dissolve and become small islands of Milo powder amidst an ocean of half-diluted Milo.


I know. Irritating right?


But fret not! Now, there’s Milo 3-in-1 Easy Cool! It’s as simple as my blog title! Just add cold water and shake!


Nestle's Milo 3-in-1 Easy Cool!


Gone are the days when you get Milo powder that doesn’t dissolve in your drink when all you want is an ice-cold Milo or perhaps even Milo at normal room temperature, not scorching hot. And the feeling you get when you see Milo powder not dissolved?


WHY MY MILO DOESN'T DISSOLVE!? | Image - Courtesy of Internet


I know right. I get that too.


Thanks to the folks at and Nestle Singapore, I was given a pack of Milo 3-in-1 Easy Cool to try out! Amazed at how this might work, I headed down to my kitchen and used ice-cold water from the fridge. I have to admit I was really quite skeptical that Milo powder could dissolve in cold water.


But hey ho! It did!


The Milo pack comes with 15 sachets of Milo Easy Cool and a complimentary shaker bottle from now till the end of February! You can simply pour your Milo powder into the bottle, fill it with either ice-cold water or water and ice cubes, and shake it to your heart’s content! You get 100% dissolved Milo! No more irritating powder bits floating on top.


The Milo Easy Cool pack comes with a complimentary shaker bottle! (Till end of Feb!) Photo - Nestle Singapore


But on that note, and on a personal opinion basis, I must say I am the kind of person who loves my Milo thick. Like really thick. The original Milo 3-in-1 failed to satisfy me in this area, and unfortunately, Milo Easy Cool isn’t much better. If you’re one of those like me who looks forward to heaping loads and loads of Milo powder into your cup and making it as thick as possible, this ain’t your cup of tea (or Milo). It is, however, still quite fun to play with :P


Try it out! I must say it’s indeed amazing. Milo 3-in-1 Easy Cool retails at all major supermarkets and grocery shops for S$6.30.


For me, I hope Milo or Nestle Singapore would come up with a Milo “Extra Gao” 3-in-1 Easy Cool version soon :P





About MILO® Singapore


MILO® is a nutritious, chocolate beverage made from the natural goodness of malt, milk and cocoa. First sold in the 1950s and locally produced since 1984, MILO® contains Actigen-E®, a combination of B Vitamins and Magnesium to aid in the release of energy from food. In 2006, with a reformulated recipe, MILO® contains just 2% fat and 8% sugar per serve, thus attaining the Healthier Choice status from Health Promotion Board. As Singapore’s favourite energy drink, more than 1 million cups of MILO® are given free to Singaporeans annually through various sports and community events.




MILO® has been championing youth sports development in Singapore since 1950s. Through sponsorship of various sports events with institutions such as the Ministry of Education School Sports Council programmes, Singapore Sports Council, People’s Association, MILO® aims to nurture Singaporean athletes into national sports heroes. MILO® also continues to rally and drive national support for Team Singapore athletes at international and regional events such as the South East Asian Games, the Asia Games and the inaugural Youth Olympics Games in 2010.


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