#UNRIDDLE2 – The end of a puzzle

One of my favourite MediaCorp Channel 8 serials, Unriddle 2, ended it’s 20 episode run last Friday on a suspense note. I have been following Unriddle 2 since the first part was launched last year in August 2010 – all the way till when its sequel, Unriddle 2, screened on television this March.


Unriddle 2 debut on 5 March 2012 on MediaCorp's Channel 8 | Photo - Courtesy of MediaCorp


I personally feel that as the years go by, the standard of our Channel 8 dramas / serials have been deteriorating. I recall the old times when I used to rush home or ‘pia’ finish my homework just to catch the 9 pm screening of serials like “The Return of the Condor Heroes (神雕侠侣)” starring Christopher Lee and Fann Wong, or historic war dramas such as “The Price of Peace (和平的代價)”. But slowly, my attention was turned away from the TV, until recently when police dramas started surfacing.


I have a weak spot for police dramas and investigative serials, which is why I took a particular liking to recent screenings such as C.L.I.F. and the Unriddle dramas. I personally feel that C.L.I.F. and Unriddle portrayed the police force in a much more realistic way compared to other titles (just my thoughts, I’ve never seen the inside work of SPF before, so don’t flame me here hahaha).


I seldom blog about serials or dramas, but Unriddle has left me intrigued and eager to find out more every day after an episode ends (not to mention it stars Tay Ping Hui and Rui En!) It portrayed both the good and the dark side of humanity and the police force, but unfortunately ended on a high with the final puzzle being solved (I shan’t be a wet  blanket here for those who have yet to watch it), yet leaving a ‘wtf’ impression on viewers like me. I remember when the credits rolled, I went: what? like that end already?! So, for those who are chasing Unriddle 2 in its epic yet ‘wtf’ ending, you might be glad to know that a kind user on YouTube has ripped the entire episode and compacted it into 3 parts for you to continue viewing. Enjoy!


I hope MediaCorp will continue with a third sequel to this series. Who wants Unriddle 3?







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