American Pie: Reunion

With thanks from United International Pictures (UIP) Singapore, I caught the sneak preview of American Pie: Reunion yesterday with Kai at GV Great World City! Man this is one hilarious comedy you must watch (if you’re of legal age, that is wahaha).



American Pie: Reunion is the eight installation of the American Pie series, since the debut of its first series in 1999. It showcases the lives of several American (duh) college boys together with their other halves (or perhaps flings at that time), all the way from when they were sex-deprived and hungry boys to after college when they settle down and start having kids.


I remember watching the first few movies from this series and all the familiar names that come with it: Jim, Michelle, Stifler (or rather known as the Stifmeister), Finch (or otherwise more affectionately known as “shit-brick”), Oz, the Sherminator…etc etc. Please, Stifler has his own fan page on Facebook wtf. Haha!


The main cast for American Pie: Reunion, as well as the original ones for the very first few installments!


When the fifth installation of this series was screened (The Naked Mile), it wasn’t as exciting as the first four as the main casts had ‘grown up’ and now the younger generation at East Great Falls High School took over the main show. And honestly, I felt their acting sucked. Pfft. So, imagine my pleasure (no pun intended -.-) when I found out the original cast of the very first American Pie was returning in the ‘Reunion’ installation!


In some way or another, this film kinda relates back to us (I mean, me and my friends), like we’re finishing university and soon we’ll be out working, transiting into the ‘not-so-fun’ phase in our lives, start getting married and having kids. Who knows if we can pull off such a reunion (of course, I would think without all the massive drinking and fucking around wtf hahaha). Even college in Australia was only like 50% of this? Time flies…


A fun filled, sex-and-shit-load-of-pun-intended packed comedy, this is certainly one movie to end your hectic and stressful work day with, be it together with your other half or just a group of friends. This film is rated M18 (although I’m sure MDA has censored much more compared to the original one), so be prepared for quite a number of expletives and some nudity.


Here’s the official trailer for American Pie: Reunion! Watch this, and head down to the nearest cinema tonight or over this weekend to catch the whole movie! You won’t regret it, trust me.




Oh yes, you probably won’t be interested in this but I’ve been trying to find the soundtrack for the original American Pie. Finally found it on YouTube (you’d probably associate this with American Pie every time you hear this). Enjoy!



*Psst – mini spoiler alert: remember how Finch is termed the ‘mother-f*cker’ (literally) in the previous American Pie movies? This movie ends with an epic twist with yet ‘another’ MF here. And yes, please stay glued to the seats even after the show ends.


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