Langkawi 2012!

Yes I’m slowly catching up and clearing my back log of posts due :P

A while ago, I went on a travel spree, visiting Bangkok, and then Langkawi, both within the span of one month. I know some of you might go ‘chey, two only’, but for me, I think it’s the most frequent that I’ve travelled. So, this post, this picture-intensive post will talk about Langkawi!


Welcome to Langkawi!


So being photography buffs and fans of Changi (lol I sound like I’m trying to suck up to Changi Airport Group), we checked in earlier than most people and went to tour the transit terminals. Hey, I mean, it’s not everyday that you get to walk and shop in the transit terminals, and for some reason, it feels more peaceful, luxurious and maybe ‘shiok’ there. LOL


The Sunflower Garden (Terminal 2), Butterfly Garden (Terminal 3), and MTV Movie Theatre (Terminal 2) inside the transit terminals of Changi Airport.


Have a few hours to spare while transiting at Changi or you decided to check in early? Head down to these few attractions (out of the numerous ones inside)! The Sunflower Garden, located at Terminal 2, is right next to the entertainment sector (please, they even have a LAN shop there). It overlooks the runway and airbridges, and is really a lovely spot to bask in the sun and enjoy the roar of airplane engines.


Then, there’s the Butterfly Garden, in Terminal 3 (if I never remembered wrongly), which IMO, is really boring. Oh yes, there’s also a movie theatre beside the Sunflower Garden in Terminal 2! They were screening the three episodes of Anaconda: The Movie. Imagine the irony if they were to screen movies like “Snakes on a plane” while you’re waiting for your flight. -.-


Ok, why am I talking like I’m promoting Changi instead of Langkawi?


So, we boarded our AirAsia A320 (which was late, as usual) for our 1.5 hour flight to Langkawi! Hansen and Zoe ordered food on board and I took a small bite out of their orders.


The chicken satay on board Air Asia - tasty gravy, though the meat wasn't exactly tender.


Touchdown at Langkawi International Airport!


Managed to snap this shot before an airport security officer came strutting up and demanding I don’t take photographs -.- Duhz your airport photos are plastered all over the net, and why am I stopped in photographing it for my own leisure? So my advise is, do it fast if you really want to. Not that the airport is that nice anyway.


So we hopped on our transport and went to check in! For this trip, we stayed at the Langkawi Bayview Hotel. I visited Langkawi years back and stayed there – found that it was really a nice place, so I suggested it again when we decided to go back. True enough, it was quite worth the money!


Langkawi Bayview Hotel | Photo - courtesy of Internet


Our room without my spare bed. Trust me, the bed you see here is huge enough to accommodate 4 adults.


Quite a big bathroom, with a dedicated standing shower and a separate bath tub. As usual, do remember to drain the water for a while before using it - the initial drain gave us green water -.-


View from our room. We were lucky to get a sea-view room, facing the swimming pool, and the sea further out.


So after unpacking, we went for lunch at the nearby Langkawi Parade Megamall. Sounds huge eh? Megamall.


What you see is what you literally get at the Langkawi Parade Megamall.


But that being said, I must say their malls, though small, have a wide variety and comprehensive mix of stores and supermarkets. An area that could have been better here at the Megamall was the availability of food outlets. We ended up eating Marybrown (something like KFC) because there was simply nothing to eat.


So after lunch, we went to find the famous Underwater World!


Underwater World Langkawi


Sneak preview of what you will get inside. Reptiles and fishes... really quite an interesting place!


-cues end of day 1-


The next morning, we decided to head to the famous Langkawi Cable Car, situated at the Oriental Village. Roads are pretty steep and winding heading to the place, so be careful if you’re driving yourself!


Langkawi Oriental Village - houses the Cable Car and a variety of tourist attraction shops


Finally, we reached the Cable Car station! If you look closely into the background to the right, you will notice the small cable cars heading up the mountain.


Normally, I won’t encourage people who have height phobia to head up these kind of imbah cable car rides, though I heard Genting’s was worse than this. But this is definitely something worth trying. Please pee first in case you wet your pants on the way up :P


And for those who are feeling a little more adventurous, CHECK OUT THIS MADNESS CARRIAGE!


NO WINDOWS, NO GLASS PANES, JUST YOU INSIDE A STEEL CAGE. FML I'd probably die inside there before reaching the summit.


Not wanting to die early of a heart attack or whatever, we decided to go the ‘more secure’ route and take an ordinary cab.


Magnificent view from the cable car down.


The Langkawi Suspension Bridge right at the top of the mountain. Quite a hassle to get to, you'll have to maneuver quite a bit of steep and rocky steps.


Group photo at the suspension bridge!


Breathtaking view from the top of the mountain.


The ride down was equally nerve-wrecking, but I’m glad we survived it LOL. Lunch time! Headed to the nearby Sheraton Hotel for lunch :P


Zoe's chicken burger with fries


Hansen and I ordered their local fried rice, which came with an egg, a chicken drumstick (or rather, a small piece of chicken), nuggets, fish cakes, and beef satay. Delicious!


From here on, I won’t go day to day because we did cover quite a bit of places which I felt wasn’t photo-worthy. So, I’ll go place by place instead.


Four Seasons Hotel

Not wanting to splurge on unnecessary attractions, we headed to Four Seasons Hotel to take a look at their beach. If you’re expecting fine white sandy beaches, forget about Langkawi – head to Phuket or maybe Australia. The sand was quite grainy, though the weather and scenery was absolutely lovely.


The beach along Four Seasons Hotel


Dining hall of the resort.


And if you have the money to splurge, this is probably one of the best hotels to stay at when you’re in Langkawi (unless it’s raining, then you’re really down on your luck). We checked out their villas, and boy, do I love them!


Private sundeck, soaking pool, patio... this is the way to spend a holiday (if you have the money, that is hahaha)


Awana Porto Malai

We checked out another resort during our stay there – the Awana Porto Malai, situated along the sea too, though not as nice as Sheraton or Four Seasons. There was a Star Cruise terminal there, and a huge ship docked there but stripped of the Star Cruise livery, so we couldn’t tell what was it. But nevertheless, some pictures :)


Awana Porto Malai entrance


Quite a funky design, I must say.


Don't you love the clear blue waters of Langkawi? (and the sky too)


Morac Go-Kart

If you’re a speed demon like us and love to bask in petrol fumes and defying G-forces (ok maybe not so much of the G force), Morac Go-Kart is a MUST go for you! It’s just right next to the airport (in fact, it overlooks the runway and is directly in it’s approach path). You might just catch a plane or two in sight right above you coming in to land as you take the corners of the track! But please be careful, watch for the road, not for the plane.


Didn’t manage to capture shots of us in the karts but here’s a panoramic view of the circuit. The time slots go by 10 minute blocks, so think about how long you want to travel, because if you wish to extend your timing, you have to stop the kart, come out to the office, buy another few blocks and head in again -.- So I was told.


Morac Go-Kart


Crocodile Farm

Personally, I would advise against going to the Crocodile Farm. First of all, it’s filled with mosquitoes. If you are heading there, do bring along some insect repellant. Next, the crocodiles all look half dead (yes I know crocodiles are meant to be basking in the sun, but these really look dead). Their feeding times are not stated clearly so you just have to walk around hoping the staff would go in and ‘play’ with those creatures. The variety’s not much though, that’s why I said it’s not really worth it.


Eagle’s Square

The place with the Langkawi’s Eagle – a must to visit on your trip there. Nothing much for you to see, just snap a couple of photos with the Eagle, and perhaps head to the nearby Jetty Point Shopping Centre or Langkawi Fair Shopping Centre to grab a bite or shop around.


Overall, I must say I’ve explored Langkawi inside out during the two trips I’ve made there – and that includes even the rural areas of Langkawi that tourists seldom head to (all because of a wrong turn made :P) It’s a nice relaxing place to chill and take a break from the busy hussle of any modern city, but perhaps 3 to 4 days there might just be sufficient to explore and chill. Any longer than that, you’ll just count down to heading back home.


That’s all :) Ending this post with a group photo at Eagle’s Square.



I don’t have prices of the various attractions (didn’t bother to note down), but if you’re heading there, do drop me a message and I’ll pass you whatever extra information that I didn’t include here to you!



*PS: These photos are taken by me unless otherwise stated. If you wish to reproduce these photographs on your website/any mediums, please contact me. Ripping photos off a website is a serious violation of copyright.


5 thoughts on “Langkawi 2012!

  1. Hi, which room did you get? It looks very spacious and nice but other online photos on other website shows old carpets and furniture. Appreciate your reply cos I’m considering this hotel for my family’s holiday stay this Dec.

    • Hi Miza, thanks for your reply. I’m glad you loved the photos. We booked a superior hill view room but was upgraded to a sea view one. The rooms for hill view and sea view are supposedly the same size, though I’m not sure if our room was slightly bigger. Have a nice trip!

    • Hi Dave,

      Thank you for your post. If you haven’t booked your holiday, I would say 10 nights might be a tad too long for a stay in Langkawi.

      However, everywhere in Langkawi is easily accessible via rental car/taxi, so you can check out most of the attractions at your own pace.

      Since you have a rather long period of time, and considering you’d probably be wanting a peaceful and tranquil holiday rather than an adventurous one, you could try visiting the Crocodile Farm, Langkawi Sky Bridge, shopping at Kuah Town, or just simply chill out at the beaches!

      I’d say the best holiday length in Langkawi would be 4D3N, but depending on an individual preferences, it’s up to you on how to make the holiday enjoyable! Hope it helps! Take care, and enjoy.

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