My life thus far…

Yes I know it has been a while since I blogged. Honestly, the latest entry wasn’t done with much thought put into it *oops*. But now that most of the school stuff is over (one dreaded presentation left next Monday), I shall have more time to blog again!



These two months have been hectic, I tell you. For those studying overseas, be thankful you don’t have to burn your wits, fry your brain cells, or torture yourself in any way doing final year projects, or more affectionately known as FYP (unless your school has it, then fuck your life seriously). Over a period of one year, as some of you may know by now, my project (our group) started off planning our initial idea of hosting a campaign dealing with cancer last March. March 2011. That seems super far away now. But fortunately or unfortunately, our project evolved from a full campaign, to a combined campaign and research project, and subsequently, hey-ho, to a full research paper. You know how people always say your FYP is supposed to be a culmination of your entire four years in university? Hell no. Mine is just the culmination of my last month in school! But that aside, I must say I’m glad I learnt something besides public relations lah. It has been a great journey, ups and downs and lots of little nonsensical moments in between. I’ll surely miss all these moments next time.

So, this is what we have been working on!


One year (or more)... countless sleepless nights... 4 books


School work

And on a stormy Monday morning, we concluded the module every one of us worked our asses off this semester – International Public Relations, made better with Sarpinos, compliments from our lecturer! A tip to those who wish to take it in future: be prepared for a lot of course work. Like seriously a lot. That’s all I can say. Oh yes, if it’s the same lecturer, enjoy  basking in her laughter – never fails to make your day no matter how gloomy it gets. That’s the ‘up’ point for some, I guess.


COM 464 class photo (less a few who weren't present)



All the other blah-blah stuff

There’re actually quite a number of things on my “to-blog-about” list, but because I’ve been swamped with projects (both from school and externally), I totally forgot about it pfft! Things like I had the opportunity to drive the Mercedes Benz E-coupe, got a new Elantra (but never had the time to blog or even do a photo shoot for it), had media products and invitations… blah blah blah… But yes, slowly catching up on them!


Sleek eh? Car enthusiasts stay tuned - review coming soon! | Photo courtesy of Internet


Oh and yes, we also went on a recce of potential “housing” sites to consider! Hopefully we’ll be lucky! Can’t reveal much but you’ll know in due course!!! :D Can’t wait!


Ok, gotta sleep. Brain has been fried after two whole days of transcribing. Urgh. Good night world.


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