The first step to our new home!

No, we haven’t bought a flat yet.

A while back, Kai and me decided to pay the HDB Hub a visit, where people get to see all the models of upcoming BTOs, and also visit the Habitat Forum, where they had the showrooms for the typical studio apartments, 2-room, 3-room, 4-room and 5-room flats.

As we are not interested in the smaller apartments like studio, 2 or 3 rooms, we visited the 4 and 5 room flats. I believe there are people who don’t know or don’t have the time to visit the showflats, so perhaps the pictures I’m about to post can serve as a rough guide for you if you’re interested! *PS: I must declare that the photos are taken by my trustworthy S95, so they’re in no way distorted. What you see is what you get. There is no wide-angle distortion to make the rooms look bigger.

We started off with the 5-room showflat, as we thought given the size of current day new flats, a 5-room would look much like an old 3-room flat.

The entrance to the 5-room showflat. I love the mirrored wall next to the dining area!

An overall view of the 5-room dining area, with the living room in the background.

A close-up of the living room in the 5-room show flat. Quite huge actually eh?

The thing we love about 5-room flats are that their living room has a dedicated space for either a study or a reading corner!

I think the glass and mirrored walls in the show flats always make them look ginormous, and when you actually get the actual flat, you’ll go “wtf so small?” So, we kinda decided to mirror some walls in our future house :D

Now, moving on to their bedrooms…

Typical small bedroom in current day flats. Fit a queen bed in and you barely have space to stretch anymore :(

The second bedroom in the 5-room flat. This looks pretty much like a hotel room, less the weird yellow hue from the lights >.<

The common bath along the corridor for bedrooms 1 and 2. I personally don’t like the design on the wall tiles.

Now, the master bedroom, which we are most concerned with! Hahaha.

This is as big as the master bedroom can get. I’m literally leaning as much as I can against the wall to take this photo. That is a queen bed by the way. Put a king size bed in and you can forget about walking.

Master toilet. Nice sink eh? You probably won’t get it in your flat (just for show nia lah) haha

Somehow with the glass door at the bath area, the tiles don’t look so awkward anymore lol!

And lastly, the kitchen.

Square-shaped kitchen in the 5-room show flat. Once again, you only get the tiles and not the cupboards.

So, in a nutshell, here are the plans and list of things that comes with your flat if you choose to get a 5-room:

Floor plan of the 5-room show flat.

Default list of things you will get in your 5-room flat.

110 square meters is actually quite reasonable for a 5-room, but given that it’s always on very high demand, we took a look at the 4-room flats too.

View of the living room (and a bit of the dining room to the left) when you enter teh 4-room flat. See the difference in space…

Dining area of the 4-room flat. I feel that wall needs to be mirrored, if not it’ll look so depressing.

From another perspective, the entrance to the 4-room flat. The kitchen is immediately to your left when you enter.

The first bedroom in the 4-room flat, converted into a study with glass panes instead of walls. Quite a good idea, but lacks privacy.

See the glass wall I’m talking about? Quite cool right?

These kind of bay window beds are actually quite nice too. Saves space.

Master bedroom in the 4-room flat. I think the size is the same as the 5-room one, just that this is less-decorated. Kinda makes it look pathetic, especially when you just viewed the 5-room MBR lol!

I can’t remember if this is the common toilet or MBR toilet, but hey, they all look the same lah.

Kitchen of the 4-room flat. Looks the same as the 5-room.

And finally, the information and plans of the 4-room flat:

Floor plan of the 4-room show flat.

The standard list of things you’ll get in your flat.

Given the fact that 5-room flats are so high in demand now (and not forgetting you pay more), the 4-room might be feasible if you are not that hard up for the extra space in your living/dining area. Sure, the house will look smaller, but I think there’re other ways to ‘beef’ it up so that it looks big! Just takes a little bit of creativity.

The Habitat showroom also had a few panel samples of the common equipment you will get in each flat, such as shower heads (I didn’t know they come with it!), door locks, window grilles and frames…etc

How your switches, windows and grill gate will look like.

Shower heads and other things that are only found in studio apartments.

It’s kinda fun when visit show flats and get rough ideas of what you can do to decorate your flat in future – we already have some ideas in mind, but then again, it depends on HDB as to how kind they are or how lucky we are in securing one >.<

Well, until then, another update will follow :P To those who were looking for a sneak preview of the Habitat show flats but didn’t have the time to head down, or especially if you’re intending to try for the May 2012 bids, hope you found the pictures and information useful!



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