Official launch – Hyundai Veloster

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21 April 2012Hyundai yesterday launched its uniquely-styled and highly-anticipated Veloster at the Komoco Singapore showroom. Thanks to Komoco Motors, I was invited for the launch, which was attended by potential and current customers, professionals in the automobile industry, and the media.

Image courtesy of Komoco Motors Singapore

Hyundai has recently got bolder and bolder in the design of its car, with the new Elantra clinching several international awards the moment it was launched. Now, it has taken a step further in marrying design together with comfort and power – a step that even the flagship i45 cannot match. With the launch of the new Veloster, I dare say Hyundai has taken a step forward to lead its competitors in this war of automobile designs and efficiency (let’s forget about COE for now – that’s a different story for another day).

Boosting 140 horses in the 1,591 cc engine, the Veloster makes use of its Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) technology to launch itself into the arena, both in terms of driving dynamics and technical specifications. I shan’t harp too much on the details here as I’ll be posting another review on this car – this time, a more in-depth one which goes into the various specifications and technicalities. So for now, enjoy the pictures, and if you’re keen, drop by Komoco Motors and arrange for a test drive now!

Guests streaming into the Komoco showroom before the launch.

Entertainment before the launch

Three Velosters were unveiled by Komoco staff and three selected Hyundai drivers. The cars were unveiled in blue, sunshine yellow, and apple green (as seen above).

The three cars launched at the showroom. One USP of this car is the matching colour strips on the rims, which comes standard on all colours.

Veloster in blue.

Stock daytime running lights and angel-eye liner on the Veloster!

The Veloster comes with a 1,591cc Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) engine, churning out 140 bhp. Other cars such as the Elantra comes with a Multi-Point Injection (MPI) engine, which explains for the lack in acceleration ability and power.

Another USP of the Veloster is the concealed third door along the passenger’s side. The car seats 4 comfortably but rear passengers may find it a tad uncomfortable getting in and out.

Komoco offered test drives in the new Veloster after its unveiling.

The Hyundai Veloster is retailing at approximately S$116,999, inclusive of COE*.

*Selling price of the car is correct at time of press. Prices may fluctuate due to COE.

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