“Russell Peters: Notorious” World Tour @ Singapore Indoor Stadium



And so we did the right thing. How? By watching Russell Peters! YES! Hahahaha.


Yesterday, as a post-exam and post-study-life treat, Kaishi and I caught the largest slap-stick comedy in Singapore’s history at the Singapore Indoor Stadium – RUSSELL PETERS: NOTORIOUS World Tour.


Yes! Russell Peters is in Singapore!


For those of you who don’t know who Russell Peters is, he’s basically a Canadian-born, Indian comedian, actor… blah blah blah whatever you name him. He is hilarious I swear. I recall the first time I got introduced to his videos/comedies was back in Mandurah, Perth, while we were all cooped up in a chalet bungalow on a road trip, and everyone was snuggled comfortably on the sofa laughing our asses off watching his shows. Seriously.



Ok that’s not a very pleasant image of him HAHA. Here’s a more decent one:


Somebody’s gonna get a hurt real bad. Somebody.


But I must say, if you’re easily offended, by anything, even the most minute stuff, I suggest you don’t even try watching his shows. Russell’s videos are filled with jokes, racists jokes at that. His jokes’ punchlines revolves around the Indian accent, occasionally making fun of other races, governments, countries (recently, he has taken a particular liking to Arabs… LOL, but I shall leave that for you to find out yourself).


Let me clarify, by sharing this post and the below attached videos, I am NOT promoting or inciting racial riots or violence. Please don’t be a jackass and take it the wrong way. I’m just sharing something that I thought you need to know (if you’re open-minded enough, that is HAHAHA).


So back to the post, yes Russell is here in Singapore for his Notorious World Tour. He will be performing again for the second time at the Indoor Stadium tonight (unfortunately I think tickets have been snapped up), but just to create awareness here :P His show, as usual, was mind-blasting! Totally worth the money I’d say. So for those heading for the show tonight, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


And for the rest who didn’t have a chance to either get a ticket here or watch any of his comedies, here are some of them (just some).


Russell Peters: Beating your kids


Russell Peters: Asian talk


Russell Peters: Best of all times


As I said, no racial discrimination intended. Don’t stir shit, or “somebody’s gonna get a hurt realllll bad. Somebody. I’m not going to say who.”



Photo credits: Internet


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