[Animal cruelty] Japanese and their “frog sashimi”

Screen shot of the video.


I seldom stand out and voice my opinions so strongly against something (unless it involves the people surrounding me or affects me directly). But today, when I saw a YouTube video that went viral quite a few days ago, it made my blood boil, and at the same time, made me feel really sick and disturbed. There was this tinge of indescribable sadness in me knowing that fellow human beings are actually doing this just out of their own ‘pleasure’ or ‘quest for good food’.


Now I’m sure you would have heard of sashimi. Mention that and one would think salmon sashimi, right? Well, thanks to some  over-creative minds and brains in Asia, there is now a ‘frog sashimi’. Now don’t get me wrong. This ain’t any ordinary sashimi, and you can google it if you are prepared to watch the video.


Before I continue, for those of you who are about to search for the video, I must stress that the video does contain extreme acts of cruelty to animals, and that if you are or will be offended by such materials, I strongly suggest you DON’T view it. Of course, you will have your own opinions, and are entitled to them, as am I entitled to my own. If you don’t agree with me, I more than welcome you to share your opinions, in an amicable way please.


The video basically showcases how a frog is stripped clean of its ‘inedible’ innards and made to suffer (while still being alive), while served on an iced platter. The consumer then apparently soaks it in hot water to finally finish off its life, and eat it fresh.


First of all, I am not voicing objections against eating animals. We do it all the time, or rather, majority of us. We feast on steak, chicken drumsticks, duck rice, and even frog legs at times in this culture and society. This, I would dare say, is part and parcel of the food chain.


However, what shocked and shook me so much was the fact that the animal in question here is being tortured alive, and made to watch its own innards get ripped and placed on a serving platter. It is then presented to someone who will kill it using hot water/liquid or whatever that shit is. HOW CRUEL IS THAT? While I may understand it is a way and a special kind of cuisine, won’t you get disturbed from eating that or just simply killing the poor creature?? And in the first place, digging out its innards while it is still alive and made to suffer for so long?


If you are thinking: “but you eat meat also, you’re also cruel”. Well, screw you. The animals are slaughtered in possibly technologically advanced and humane ways (i.e. FAST). We don’t slaughter the stomachs of a cow to get the tastiest steak and let the cow suffer and watch itself being eaten right?


Just what is wrong with some humans?! Pfft.


I am not discriminating against any particular country here, but I must say some people in some countries love doing weird stuff, like devouring live creatures, half-killing animals and leaving it to die slowly… etc. What is wrong with you people? Don’t you have a conscience or even the least sympathy for that animal? What if you were in its position and you see your intestines being ripped out and you’re screaming in pain and nobody gives a FUCK about you? How would YOU feel?


I seldom feel sick and disgusted at videos (someone even once showed me a sex-change operation video and another extremely gory video and I didn’t feel the slightest tinge of disgust or so at all the gore, blood etc), but this really made my stomach flip. It is way beyond cruel. I would love to do something to stop this (of course, not alone), but I really have no idea where to start and how to start. Ideas?


And to the idiots who thought of/invented this cuisine just for your own promotion/pleasure/quest/whatever you call it, fuck all of you. I hope you will turn into something that will be treated the SAME way in your next life.


3 thoughts on “[Animal cruelty] Japanese and their “frog sashimi”

  1. Anybody who’s ever eaten fish has participated in this form of “animal cruelty”. All fish, without exception, are filleted while alive. Lobsters, crabs and shellfish? Boiled alive. Just by living in Singapore you’re participating in this practice every day, directly or indirectly. The only thing that really disturbs people is the cognitive dissonance in seeing this done to an animal they’re not used to eating.

    Western practices of fattening cattle in feedlots is a several-year exercise in animal cruelty. The animals are fed on a extremely rich diet designed to yield tender, fatty meat, and which invariably results in their death. Poultry farms are no better. There are no magical places where food appears out of a pure, white light, immaculately conceived and pre-packaged. Something’s going to have to die for you to live.

    If it’s any consolation, this is literally the only store in Japan that sells this as far as I know, and I’ve lived here eleven years.

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