[Movie review] The Dictator

“In memory of Kim Jong-il”

“If you’ve been to the bathroom right after Osama bin Laden, you will know the real meaning of terrorism.”



These are just two of the many hilarious quotes from the soon-to-be released comedy, The Dictator’. Thanks to omy.sg and United International Pictures, I caught the sneak preview of this ‘multi-cultural’, zero-sensitivity comedy yesterday.


A note of caution before I proceed: this movie does, to quite a large extent, poke fun of various government administrations in the world, some significant world leaders, and revolves around the idea of extreme dictatorship, racism and terrorism (you can probably guess the various countries involved by now!) It is coupled together with quite a fair bit of sexual connotations and partial nudity, so if you are easily offended by such content, this might not be a suitable movie for you!



Co-written by lead actor Sacha Baron Cohen, this 83 minute comedy stars familiar faces like Anna Faris and Ben Kingsley. In the shoes of Admiral General Aladeen, Cohen plays a lecherous, anti-western and senseless dictator of a fictional country (inspired by both NK and Iraq I suppose), refusing oil exports and at the same time, developing secret nuclear weapons of mass destruction (hint: You know, like some other country that made news recently…)


Admiral General Aladeen being briefed on his “nuclear weapon plans”.


Taking into context prominent past leaders such as Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong-il, Osama bin Laden (ok he isn’t really a leader but you get the picture), and even current US president Barrack Obama, this slapstick comedy explores a combination of events that totally doesn’t make sense. As stupid as the movie may get at times, it does prove useful as an entertainment break after a long day/week at work, allowing you to just sit back and enjoy.



For those of you who have watched Harold and Kumar, The Dictator promises an equivalent level (or at least a more sensible and realistic one) of humour. While you probably would scoff at unicorns running around and babies puffing weed in Harold and Kumar, don’t worry – this movie does not reveal such nonsense lol! Same level of stupidity though, I would say (in a hilarious way).


On a rating scale of 10, this movie earns a 7 on my list, perhaps due to its senseless marriage of terrorism, nuclear warfare, sex, stupidity, love, oppression beliefs and other nonsense that makes this entire movie confusing, yet at the same time, quite hilarious.



The Dictator screens at all major cinemas from 14 June. Grab your tickets, buy a tub of popcorn, sit back and relax. Remember, don’t think too much during the show. Just go with the flow :)


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