Taking the next step together!

So today, Kaishi and myself decided to take a huge step forward in our lives, and also as some might call it, a leap of faith, and applied for a flat.


Let me bring you back in time to the very beginning when this idea was first brought up. We started looking around for BTOs or SBF (Sale of Balance Flats) that HDB would release periodically. We visited the Habitat Forum at HDB Hub, took a look at the monthly launches, and even pondered whether we would be eligible to apply for the  March bumper crop earlier this year. Sadly, both of us were still studying, so it was just building sandcastles in the air for us.


Subsequently, we decided to start looking around further. Our minds were pretty fixed on getting BTOs, and we purely walked around showrooms on Saturday afternoons, pretending to be genuine buyers and taking looks at the various show sites of condominiums that were popping out all over Singapore. Our main agenda was to have a feel of what kind of interior design (ID) we liked, the theme for our future home (albeit it being a little far fetched and long way to go), and just kaypo kaypo a bit and contribute to the crowds LOL.


Out of so many that we viewed, I think these are the more impressive ones. Potential home buyers or couples intending to apply for new flats, this might help you!




Twin Waterfalls at Punggol. Photo courtesy of Twin Waterfalls.


If you are interested in this project, forget it. It’s 99.5% sold. But I just inserted it here because it really is (was) one of the more affordable ones. We were quite keen on one of the units, but unfortunately, we were a step too late. SO, pfft, back to our BTO plans back then.




Flo Residences at Punggol. Photo courtesy of Flo Residences.


If you have the capital to invest or fork out, this might jolly well be another impressive development that I must tempt you with. From excellent finishes to reasonable pricing (for a full condominium), it really is quite eye-catching. Plus, hey, they’re giving out Volkswagen Polos for lucky draws! Hahaha. Now I sound like I’m promoting their condo pfft.




Tampines Trilliant. Courtesy photo.


This, as some of you may recall, was the development that hit headlines last time (if I’m not wrong – correct me if I am ok!) for having really high PSF values. But overall, it’s rather impressive too I must say.


So with all these in mind, we settled primarily for the July BTO sites, and considered only Punggol (where there are Premium and Standard developments). We did recces to the sites and took pictures, so for those who are intending to apply this month, here’s the site photo for you!


The two developments for Punggol’s July BTO. Photo courtesy of HDB.


Site for the Standard flats.


The Premium flats are just next to the waterway!


And then, after so much rubbish, you probably will be wondering: walao, where is your house that you’re talking about?



So besides considering BTO, we were rather open to the idea of investing a little more and heading for ECs. For a few simple reasons, of course one of which would be the facilities that you will have (aka security, pools, gyms…etc etc), and for future and long-term planning, investment purposes. The turning point came when we chanced upon this particular EC in the north/north-east while on our regular kaypo trips.


After taking a tour of the interior, my parents were quite impressed with the overall development and I started considering this seriously. Kai came down after work shortly and our agent subsequently progressed to sharing with us the various loans and blahblahblah.


For those interested, here’s a virtual tour of the interior!


Living room (or a part of it) with the extended study area from one of the bedrooms!


Kitchen is in a rectangle design instead of a bigger square shaped design. But it comfortably fits two side-by-side.


I love this concept of their master bedroom but too bad it’s not feasible.


Their bathrooms are rather huge too


Shot of us in the MBR toilet!


And so in a surprising turn of events, after consultation from both parties’ parents and of course, agreement for both of us, we decided to block the unit on Sunday and headed down for the Option to Purchase (OTP) tonight! Of course, it’s not that easy to buy a house, neither did we do it THATTTT fast. I probably would have missed out a lot of details in between but it’s either too minor or too boring to be explained. So yah, in a nutshell, look around for a while -> see ECs and BTOs -> go around kaypo-ing show flats -> see nice show flat -> work out sum -> we have our house!


It was really an exciting and happy moment for the both of us, not so much when we signed the thousands of documents that was required of us, but rather, when we pasted the sticker down onto the schematic board with all the units to indicate that our unit has been sold! :D


We got our flat! :)



Now comes the long wait (foundation hasn’t even started yet) for the flat to be ready in 2015. I’m hoping they will be able to finish by first quarter 2015, so that we can start with our renovations (or rather, our furnitures and decorations!). Will update photos of the development from time to time! I can predict that we’ll be so excited that we will probably head down to the site once every three weeks to see the progress made so far! Hahahaha!


Progress update:


Foundation hasn’t even started yet! It’s going to be a longggg wait!


Ok until then, tada!


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