The Terrace @ Sentosa Resort & Spa

A while back, Kaishi and I brought my parents over to The Sentosa Resort and Spa for a lunch treat. We’ve been there quite a few times but never had the opportunity to try out their restaurants despite the good reviews. This time, we had the opportunity to dine at one of the numerous restaurants at the hotel (formerly known as Beaufort Hotel).


The Terrace is an all-day dining restaurant which serves a mix of asian cuisines, local favourites, indian classics and of course, western sets. The prices were reasonable in my opinion, as the servings were pretty large and indeed quite tasty.


Standard serving of bread as starters.


I ordered a personalised beef noodle set with crispy noodles and topped with cantonese style gravy.


Kaishi had a serving of fafelle with mussels and cream.


One of the sets my parents had – Indochine fried chicken – a mix of crispy chicken, banana flower salad, thai sweet chili and fragrant rice (chicken rice lah).


Another view of the Indochine Fried Chicken set.


Indian tandoori butter chicken set with cashew nuts gravy, naan bread and condiments.



The Terrace is perhaps one of the relatively “more affordable” restaurants in the hotel, considering there’s the sky high exclusive “The Cliff” and another chinese restaurant which we originally wanted to try but it was only open from 6 pm onwards. You can choose to dine outdoors on a breezy afternoon/night, or even indoors under the comfort of air conditioning.


The Terrace also has an all-day buffet, if I’m not wrong. Too bad there was a private event going on when we were there, so we were only restricted to ala-carte menus.


Outdoor dining might be a good option on a breezy and cool day.


Of course, there’s an indoor option with one of the many buffet counters.


Another view of the indoor dining area buffet counter. Image courtesy of the Internet.


I would conclude that it is a nice place to have a quiet and tranquil afternoon meal or dinner. For a meal for four person, the bill came up to slightly above a hundred, which is worth it considering the quality of the food served. Their menu can be found online here, together with their website.


You can consider heading down for a meal someday :)


The Terrace @ The Sentosa (Resort & Spa)

2 Bukit Manis Road, Sentosa
Singapore 099891

Telephone: +65 6371 1414
Opening hours: 7 am to 12 am
Reservation recommended











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