Housing again…


HDB launched the July Build-to-Order (BTO) projects


For those couples who are looking at buying HDB BTO flats anytime soon, you can start considering. (Why the hell do I sound like a HDB salesman?) Ok, it’s just this round that I pay more attention because this was originally what we intended to settle for but somehow things took a turn for us a few weeks back!


July BTO sites launched by HDB. Image courtesy of HDB.


HDB always leaves its launches to the last few days in the month (the previous one was launched late May too!), and I think this just does nothing but build up suspense for potential flat buyers. When HDB launched the project this Monday, I immediately took a look at the website and must say the Punggol premium site is still the best (albeit a lot of people telling me Punggol is damn far). One comment I actually heard from my friend: Punggol damn far leh, maybe next time need passport to go there. HAHAHA WTF.


Another LOL fact. Nowadays, HDB is getting creative and giving new plots of developments (BTOs and DBSS) names, such as Trivelis, Pasir Ris One, Waterway Cascadia, Emerald something something. Last time, it was just Block XXX, Jalan Bukit Merah…etc


Sounds impressive and nice, but can you imagine the amount of confusion it will cause our dear taxi drivers?


Passenger: “Uncle, I want to go to Waterway Cascadia!”

Taxi driver: “HARRRR? DI DO LO? (hokkien for: where is that??)”


No offence to all you people staying/going to be staying in Punggol ok? LOL


We were looking at the Punggol site plan and the few blocks that were facing the waterway are really enticing. You might get a little bit of afternoon sun to add extra heat to your house, but I guess people who ballot for those units probably don’t really bother or that the waterway view fact outweighs the afternoon sun fact.


Site plan for Punggol premium flats (July BTO). Image courtesy of HDB.


But there are ups and downs / good and bad points about this launch:


TYPICAL floor plan of a 5-room Punggol Premium flat. Image courtesy of HDB.


This, is a typical floor plan of the Punggol 5-room.


Pros and cons. Firstly, the air con ledge is really small, which means you probably don’t pay that much for unused space, unlike some retarded developments that their air con ledges are big enough to take the whole family standing outside WTF. I always don’t understand why developers like huge ass air con ledges when all they need is space for 2 pax to stand, and max 2 compressors (for private developments). For HDB, it’s even easier. 1 compressor limit + 2 pax standing space, need so big meh!?


Second, I like the kitchen area. It’s probably as big as, or slightly bigger, than your bedrooms 2 and 3. LOL. Not enough bedroom, put a bed in the kitchen and sleep lah!


Thirdly, maybe more and more HDB flats are adopting this design, but I don’t find the bomb shelter placed next to the main door very feasible. The door is ugly, plus it takes up a huge chunk of your doorway space. But that’s something that’s very minute and not that major an issue lah. Storeroom space, very good.


Here comes the WTFLOL part. Look at the balcony. I understand that only a few stacks will come with balconies. In the Master Bedroom (MBR). Like seriously, wtf is the use of a balcony in the MBR instead of it being next to the living room? I am not a fan of balconies, so I cannot speak for those who like outdoor spaces to bask in the sun with. And plus, if you’re a young couple who are out from 8am to 8pm at work, maybe you would like to rent your balcony out? =.=”


That little ledge of probably 10 sq m space of balcony at the MBR doesn’t help, seriously. Considering the fact that most households use balconies to sun their laundry on weekends or days that they’re at home, you probably won’t want to carry your wet clothes all the way to the MBR, across your bed, to sun. If I had that balcony in my MBR and someone does that, I swear I’ll murder that person. (ok lah, I’m saying this because I know Kai won’t do it hahaha!)


I understand that probably the architects thought “oh, maybe they can bask in the stars at night”… etc etc… but seriously? Practical much? Wouldn’t it be useful and better if you could extend the MBR all the way out to the balcony boundary and increase your GFA? #fail in my opinion.


But ok lah, some flats don’t come with the balconies, so if you are on the same wavelength as me, go for those lol. And make your $400++k worth it. Every single cent.


Enough blabbering. Those who wishes to apply, there’re of course the standard site (next to Soo Teck LRT further down the road), and the premium one that I’ve shown above. Application deadline is next Tuesday, 6 August 2012! 




With that being said, I think I’m getting more and more gan chiong about our house. It has been 2 weeks since we applied to HDB and signed the option, and we haven’t heard from HDB yet! ARGH. This is really nerve wrecking… Can’t wait to hear from HDB and carry on with the S&P and stuff!


I’d love to post more pictures of our house site, but it’s still the same as what I posted before. A barren piece of land with a few excavators and cranes on it LOL. No foundation yet :( Whyyyy sooooo slowwwwwwww……


And yes, I know what I’m going to blog about next already. To warn you all about housing loans from banks. Pfft.


Till then, tata!




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