[Movie review] TED

How many of you own a soft toy at home, or ever had one at some point in your life?


Or how many of you ever wished your soft toy could talk and reply you or play with you?


I personally did. I remember I had a huge Garfield soft toy and another Mickey Mouse which until today, lies on top of my display cabinet. If you had one such soft toy (or more), you might just be able to understand and ‘feel’ this movie a little better.


The poster greeting you at cinemas that also shows you this is not your ordinary teddy bear at home.


With thanks to UIP, I attended the preview of the upcoming comedy TED, starring Mark Wahlberg and his furry teddy bear, which was given to him as a Christmas present when he was 8. And as a Christmas miracle granted to an outcast child, Ted (or so was his name) came to life and could talk.


Directed by Seth MacFarlane from The Family Guy, this real-life comedy brings a whole new light to teddy bears and soft toys, so much that you might never see them the same way ever. It is beyond our wildest dreams that the cute innocent stuffed toys will be able to exchange conversations, sprout colourful words and ‘erhem…’ do stuff.


Fancy a teddy bear that can enjoy him/itself in a bubble bath?


Or even using a cash register to hook up girls?



But under the vulgarities, sexual innuendos and jokes lies a traditional romantic storyline about yet another communication/living/lifestyle problem-struck couple. And I think it makes a good marriage of comedy plus romance plus animation to form this 105 minute movie.


John walking his teddy bear.


I personally felt it was not as funny as I had expected it, but probably will be one of the lamest that you will ever encounter. From a list of movies currently screening, I would say this is the most suitable for you to relax, unwind and destress after a day at work, or even might make you want to go back and hug your soft toy tight.


And no, I did not hug my Mickey when I came home. He was too dusty even if I wanted to LOL.


So what would you do, if your teddy bear could talk? Or who would you choose – your boy/girlfriend or your teddy?



Enjoy the trailer, and TED opens in cinemas 6 September 2012.



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