Need a good radio station?

Very few people listen to radios nowadays I feel, except for us drivers who don’t have a choice and tune in to 93.8 or 92.4 for traffic updates. I asked around a few friends and all were too busy fussing over their MP3s or smartphones rather than tune in to a radio station.

Perhaps it could be the lack of proper music on some radio stations, or the overwhelming amount of adverts that Mediacorp cleverly bombards its stations with. It’s really quite irritating to enjoy a piece of music, and even before the last chord of the song can fade off, the loud booming voice comes on: YOU’RE LISTENING TO XXX XXX.XX… 

Wtf. Anticlimax.

But recently, I discovered two radio stations that really were quite awesome. (Ok, I might be a little late for introducing these and you might already know it but bear with me k, I don’t really turn on the radio even when I’m driving).

Expat Radio 96.3 XFM

K introduced me this station a while ago, and it just so happened that the moment I tuned on to it, it was nothing but jazz and classical music. Well, it’s not as classical as Symphony 92.4 but rather, incorporates a tad jazz and pop music (all instrumental though).

It proved attractive enough for me to tune in to it at night before I sleep, and really does make do as a very good lullaby hahaha. And since I always managed to tune in to jazz instrumentals all along, it really took me by surprise when I tuned in one day to discover Korean pop and 5 minutes later, Hindi songs.


So, I did some research on it and discovered that chey, it was a multi-language and cultural station. Idiot me didn’t guess what “Expat Radio” might possibly mean. Pfft. So in case you’re interested, here’s their daily programme guide so you don’t tune in to the wrong music genre :P

Weekday programme highlights:

0700 – 1000 : Japanese (LIVE)
1000 – 1200 : French (RFI)
1200 – 1500 : Music Interlude
1500 – 1700 : German (DW)
1700 – 2000 : Hindi (LIVE)
2000 – 2200 : Korean Pop Music
2200 – 0700 : Music Interlude (this is the very efficient lullaby!)

Weekend programme highlights:

0700 – 1700 : Music Interlude
1700 – 2000 : Hindi (LIVE)
2000 – 2200 : Korean Pop Music
2200 – 0700 : Music Interlude

96.3 XFM is Singapore’s only radio station with a mix genre of Korean, Hindi, classical, German, French and Japanese music. A little more about 96.3 XFM via it’s official website:

First set up in 1998, we were formerly known as International Channel. We were later re-launched on 18 Aug 2008 as Expat Radio 96.3XFM to reinforce the station’s role in providing a variety of content for the expatriate communities in Singapore while redefining the experience of feeling closer to home.


Kiss 92.0 FM

Quite a cheesy title, but this is another radio station if you want minimal advertisements and maximum pleasure in getting your music. Hansen introduced it to me a while back, and although I must say the reception of this may sometimes not be up to standard, it is also another station which broadcasts a variety of different kind of music, ranging from the oldies, 70s to current hits.

It is also the first radio station targeted at women aged 30 to 35 years old, accordingly to AsiaOne. It was officially launched just earlier this year in July, and is a radio station of SPH UnionWorks, a joint venture between Singapore Press Holdings and NTUC Union.


So if you’re looking for new radio stations to explore, or are sick and tired of the current ones, do tune in to XFM or Kiss 92 for something new!


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