Krabi 2012! – Day 1

Kai and I went on a short getaway to Krabi, Thailand, a while back. It was a much needed and well-deserved getaway from our work. We were wrecking our brains on where to go – countries further up north or down south at NZ or Aussie would be far too expensive, and Malaysia, don’t even talk about it, I wonder what I will lose there.

So when Groupon released a deal for a 3D2N package for The Cliff Resort at Ao Nang, we jumped on it and booked it immediately! Unfortunately, Tiger Airways was the only airline that serviced the SIN-KBV route, and much to my reluctance to take Tiger, I ultimately had to book the flight.

So the day came, and we set off for the airport early in the morning! Our flight was at 11 but hey, we were there at 8 for breakfast with my parents :) After a hearty meal at Toast Box, we checked in and went jalan-jalan in the three transit terminals! I must admit the transit terminals always never fail to attract me. It’s just more peaceful, quieter, and nicer to shop inside than compared to the buzzing and noisy public terminals.

Going on a holiday!

I tell you, even the sky trains were a huge difference. While you see kids running and screaming about in the public sky trains, the transit carriages were so much better. We were the only passengers on board the carriages most of the time while we were in transit!

Managed to capture this view from the front window panel of the sky train travelling towards one of the terminals.

And when we were bored, we went over to Terminal 3, sat down near the glass windows, sipped coffee from CBTL, and watched planes take off.

9V-SKP, one of the newer A380s in the SQ fleet, preparing for departure. If only this were our plane eh? SQ would probably be bankrupt servicing this route with such a ginormous plane >.<

11 am came, and we trotted off to our departure gate at Terminal 2! Boarding was a breeze, and I was actually amazed that the plane was already there! You know, not that I want to whack them, but sometimes most of the time, budget airlines ain’t punctual yah?

So we didn’t need to wait in the departure lounge, and straight away boarded the plane!

Waiting for take off!

Bye Singapore!

Taking off from runway 20C on board 9V-TAY.

The 2 hour flight was pretty calm, less the occasional turbulence and rattling of the puny A320. We touched down safely at Krabi International Airport, and my first thought was: gosh, were we the only plane here?!

It was empty. Like FREAKING empty. No planes on the tarmac, no passengers in sight at the arrival corridors -.- It’s like walking into a ghost town. But fortunately, at least there were still immigration officers lol!

Cleared immigration, went down and started hunting for my name (machiam like some VIP) and met our driver. The Cliff sent a driver along to ferry us to the resort, but we weren’t the only two – the driver was supposed to pick up 4 other Singaporean teens. 3 of them arrived after a while, and I swear we waited almost 20 minutes for the fourth to turn up. And guess what. When he did appear coming down the escalator to the exit, he had the cheek to take his own sweet time, ba-long-long walking and breezing as though he was in a runway show.

WTF. Why do some people have skin thicker than elephants? Buay paiseh one leh. If it were me, I’d be fucking embarrassed having made some stranger wait for me.

As you can see, Krabi International Airport ain’t very fantastic. Very spacious though…

So we began our half an hour journey to The Cliff, and we didn’t even know we arrived until the van suddenly made a turn into a narrow path between two shop houses. Eh? We’ve reached!

Run down sign, yes I know, but the interior ain’t that bad.

Reception area of The Cliff

We were served welcome drinks (or rather, syrup because it was so sweet lol) and led to our villa. The resort has 21 villas, and ain’t like your ordinary resort. This rustic resort makes you trot on stepping stones through the trees to reach your villa. There are only two classes of accommodation – our normal villa, and a Suite. ONE Suite only. So obviously, you can’t negotiate for an upgrade no matter how good your grounds are (unless the Suite is empty).

Trotting through to our villa. The bungalow you see on the left is the ONE and only Suite they have.

Our room!

They folded our towels up and made it into cute little elephants on the bed!

The villa came with an outdoor shower and WC, which is actually kind of cool, although I find it a little cramped. The only down side of it is the MOSQUITOES. Oh my god. I don’t even want to explain how thirsty for blood they are.

Outdoor shower and WC

Shower amenities in the resort

After unpacking our stuff and changing into more comfy clothing, we decided to explore the resort and head down to the beach!

Lap pool – this is the most famous view you can find on the internet about the resort.

The restaurant / cafe of the resort, where we have a candle-lit dinner arranged for us on the second night.

Streets of Krabi.

The town of Ao Nang is surrounded by cliffs and mountains, not too sure if they’re limestone cliffs. It provides a very scenic and laid-back atmosphere for you to enjoy your holiday, rather than compared to an urbanised, busy city like San Francisco or Tokyo.

Turn left see cliff… turn right also see cliff…

And we finally arrived at Ao Nang beach!

Ao Nang beach

Truth be told, Krabi’s beaches are over-rated. Why do I say so? First of all, it’s way too crowded. Krabi is populated with tourists – loads and loads of them. Now if that’s not a strong enough factor, the beaches ain’t as pristine as they say it is. We deduced it might probably be due to the over-influx of tourists, and also because it is the end of the monsoon season. The sand is coarse, dirty, occasionally littered with glass bottles (wtf right), and only certain areas are nice to trot on. But still, we had an enjoyable 3 days there!

Us on the beach!

The background of Ao Nang beach are the cliffs of Krabi – and I realised it made a fantastic back drop for portraits! (Yes, photographers, you say and sigh). This is a chance to make full use of my new 50mm! Hahahaha!

I still love the bokeh of the 50mm. Ok, enough photography talk. Let’s move on.

So after walking the beach for a while, we headed off for the shops (not very exciting, so no photos for now).

Dinner was when we came out of 7-11 (they had SO MANY 7-11s there I tell you – we easily counted 4 along our stretch!) So yes, we walked out of 7-11, looked at the sky, heard thunder, and made a bee-line for the eatery opposite hahaha.

It was called “Aree Ba Ba” HAHAHA.

Interior of Aree Ba Ba.

Interior of Aree Ba Ba.

We decided to try their Pad Thai… which was really quite nice.

Tofu with brocolli – their style of cooking tofu is rather unique though…

They had glass bottled Fanta!

If there is something I must commend about Aree Ba Ba, it would be their helpers. They’re no other than young teenagers (probably in secondary school or equivalent), and boy, are they hardworking. They pay attention to every single detail, clearing plates once you’re done, rushing to clean up once a customer leaves after his meal… Two thumbs up!

Kai with our food! :)

Because it was pouring, we finished our dinner, waited for the rain to stop, and headed back to our resort for an early night!

Post on day 2 coming soon!


9 thoughts on “Krabi 2012! – Day 1

    • There’re quite a few deals online now for Krabi – you can go take a look!

      That being said, we need to meet up soon! How are you doing?

      • hahaha. i’m doing good la. still surviving =) me going bangkok soon! and HCM at end dec. no money for krabi liao. i shld be very free during mid dec! we can meet then. i waiting for your Day 2 post.^^

  1. Hey Irwin,
    I am going there next week! And you know what. I’m travelling with Tiger Airway and also on the same Groupon 3D2N package at The Cliff!! First time there. Any advise you can give me would be appreciate.
    And guess what- I just bought a 50mm F1.8 Nikkor lens couple week ago that I will be bringing along..

    • Hi Johnson, thanks for your comment. The Cliff will be a nice place for you to stay and relax for 3 days. Do check out the beach but don’t expect too much. You can also try island hopping or simply soak in the sea.

      If you want more thrills and adventures, there’s a go-kart area just 5 minutes away from The Cliff inland.

      Enjoy! (PS: your 50mm will come in useful. Loads of nice scenery and things for you to shoot there)

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