Krabi 2012! – Day 2

In case you didn’t manage to read our day 1 adventures, here’s the link!

Anyway, moving on to our second day in Krabi! After a good night’s sleep, we woke up to the cliffs and mountains of Krabi (and of course, the blood thirsty mosquitoes. Ok they’re not that bad lah haha).

We opted to have breakfast just outside our villa entrance so we could dine in our sleep clothes and not have to rush, change, and head to the cafe for breakfast.

Breakfast outside our villa!

We both tried their continental breakfast set, which came with a choice of bacon, sausages, eggs (you can specify how you want it done) and potatoes. Each breakfast set will come complete with juice/coffee/tea, toast bread with butter/jam, and fruits! Quite a hearty breakfast, I must say!

Kai’s breakfast set with sunny side up eggs.

My set. I chose scrambled eggs but regretted it. The serving was so small I could eat 5 of such servings.

Each breakfast set comes complete with fruits.

You can opt for either coffee or tea to go along with your breakfast set. This is besides the juice that you can choose too.

If there’s something we realised about Krabi – I think the only fruits available there are pineapples, watermelons, dragon fruit and bananas. We’re seeing them on a daily basis, and it really means every meal of ours comes complete with these exact same fruits. Breakfast, lunch AND dinner. LOL.

We decided to wash up and head down to explore the beach again, and at the same time, properly take a look at the town of Ao Nang since we didn’t have much time on the first day.

Typical shophouse lining the streets of Ao Nang.

Ao Nang houses lines and lines of shop houses like the above – and I’d say approximately 95% of them are retail shops and restaurants/eateries. It made me wonder where do the locals stay? In the cliffs? In their shops? We finally came to the conclusion that they stayed further inland, probably 5 minutes drive from the beach, where we did spot more residential houses on our way back to the airport on our last day.

Krabi (as well as most provinces in Thailand) is filled with massage parlours. I’d say 3 in 5 shops are massage huts, most of them really cheap, but sometimes you might be more wary of them. I heard from Kai that their signature Thai massage needs proper skills and “training”. Imagine if you enter one of these shops, opt for the Thai massage, and the masseuse doesn’t even know anything and starts cracking your bones LOL. Ok I’m just being paranoid here.

Loads of massage parlours lining the streets. And mostly it’s the ang-mohs who will get pulled in (such as the one in the picture above hahaha)

Motorbikes line the streets of Ao Nang and Krabi.

We finally reached the beaches after evading a thousand and one eager shop owners along the streets.

On the beach again!

Because of the possibility of tsunamis hitting Krabi, warning signs and evacuation direction signs were erected along the entire coast.

After a while, it really got too hot and we decided to head back to the hotel to chill by the pool! It was much cooler (given that there was the pool deck umbrella), and peaceful.

Chilling by the hotel pool.

If only everyday could be like that…

In the late afternoon, we decided to treat ourselves to a massage/spa. Given that this is a well-deserved break for the both of us, we went over to another resort – Vogue Resort & Spa – for their spa packages at Chaonang Spa. It was relatively pricier but I must say it’s worth every single cent.

Entrance to Chaonang Spa at Vogue Resort & Spa

There is a wide variety of massage oils and body scrubs for you to choose from (if you’re taking the respective packages that is).

Kai and I decided on the Love Elixir Package, and for 4,500 baht per couple, we had 2 hours to enjoy. The package included a 30-minute jacuzzi / steam room, followed by a 90-minute body scrub and finally ending with a tension releasing massage.

Waiting area at Chaonang Spa

We were led to a huge room on the second level for our 30-minute jacuzzi / steam room, which we spent all 30 minutes in the jacuzzi because the steam room wasn’t working at all >.<

Our jacuzzi/steam room…

Jacuzzi area

You know how when you enter a jacuzzi and the nozzle’s pressure hits your skin, it becomes super itchy after a while? Yes, we both suffered from that. SUPER ITCHY I TELL YOU. Hahaha.

When the 30 minutes was up, we were led to yet another room on another level (makes you wonder how many levels this spa has). We finally reached our massage room.

Our massage room.

Kai opted for a Tropical Forest Body Scrub (a mixture of a few fruits) followed by a massage using Tangerine Oil, while I opted for a Tamarind Body Scrub followed by a Relaxing Oil massage.

Truth be told, I had no idea what ingredients went into the scrubs and the oil, and I selected my choices because they smelt nice LOL. After all, that’s what’s important right? You won’t want to come out smelling like something you don’t like smelling.

And for those of you who don’t know, body scrub literally means scrubbing your limbs and stomach. USING SALT. Yes, so if you cannot imagine the feeling, go to your kitchen, grab a handful of salt, and rub it vigorously along your arms LOL. High eh? Those with super sensitive skin will need a huge load of tolerance. But trust me, my skin did feel like a baby’s smooth skin after that hahaha!

We returned back to our resort after the long and satisfying massage for our “candle-lit” dinner. It was a complimentary add-on to our deal package, and we were looking forward to it…

Just to realise it’s actually dinner at the cafe, without any candles, without any music, and with their cafe’s zhi-char equivalent food. *pfft*

But I have to admit it was surprisingly good. I expected the food over at Thailand to not suit my tastebuds but I still got along pretty well. Perhaps because I love salty stuff and they all cook their meals like there’s an over-abundance of salt in their kitchen that they have to use. :)

Appetizer – bread fried with prawn paste. Soaking with oil, but delicious like nobody’s business.

Green curry – the green curry over at Thailand is actually spicy, unlike our green curry dishes here in Singapore that doesn’t have a tinge of spiciness at all.

Mixed vegetables – a stir-fry concoction of broccoli, cauliflower, cherries, carrots and corn.

Gong Bao Chicken – or at least what I like to call. Meat is tough like mad lol.

I must admit I was a little disappointed with this dinner, but I shouldn’t have set my expectations so high. My disappointment, however, was short-lived and I started enjoying my dinner with Kai beside the pool. The food, though not what I had expected, was reasonably nice and flavourful (except for the really tough chicken bits).

Because it was raining really heavily (AGAIN), we couldn’t step out of the resort after dinner. This means – sleep and wait for day 3.

And this also means my day 3 post will be coming up soon. :) Stay tuned!


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