A Day made of Glass… if only

Hello friends and all! I’m back from Perth, yes missing it terribly and having withdrawal symptoms already hahaha.

But before I embark on editing my photos and blogging about our trip, I’d just like to share something cool that I chanced upon recently. Okay, not recently though, I actually watched this back when I was in university, but rediscovered it recently, and thought it was really cool.

Since young, I always dreamt of having a futuristic home, one loaded with technologies and cool gadgets. When we had our ROM stay at Hotel Fort Canning, the hotel was so high-tech that we could control our lights and shades by simply pressing on a keyboard button!



How cool is that!

Except that if you have that in your house and it malfunctions, it’s probably going to be a bitch to replace or repair it. Pfft.

But what’s stopping us from dreaming big? I wish I had the technology inTony Stark’s house :P

Tony Stark and his JARVIS technology. Photo courtesy of Internet.

Tony Stark and his JARVIS technology. Photo courtesy of Internet.

Ok enough rubbish. LOL.

But I chanced upon these two concept videos by Cornings Incorporated, which features a futuristic house/world made possible by interactive glass. Watch it!

Cool right?

If only this was put into mass production soon. I’d definitely grab it for our condo when it TOPs in 2015!



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