St Gregory Spa @ Pan Pacific Singapore

Spas are one of me and Kai’s favourite past-times, being able to relax and de-stress after long hours at work. Of course, we don’t visit them on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, for it might just squeeze us dry of our money. Most of the time, our spa escapades are courtesy of deal websites such as Groupon or

Recently, we were around the vicinity of Marina Square after settling some wedding stuff, and decided to go for a massage. Our usual hangout at Suntec City was closed due to renovations in the mall, so out of desperation and aching bodies, we settled for St. Gregory Spa at Pan Pacific Singapore.

IMG_2088Located on the fourth level of Pan Pacific Singapore, St. Gregory Spa is accessible via the walkway leading to the hotel’s swimming pool. I previously chanced upon the name of this spa chain online, and having read the good reviews, thought it would not be as disappointing as other more shady outlets. The fact that it was located within a hotel probably means it usually is good too.

But I was quite wrong, or at least, perhaps I was down on my luck that day. Let me explain further.

Entrance of St. Gregory Spa at Pan Pacific Hotel

Entrance of St. Gregory Spa at Pan Pacific Hotel

Upon stepping into the spa, we were greeted by the friendly receptionist who was most helpful in allocating a slot for us as soon as possible because we did not have a prior appointment. We took a walk to pass time, had dinner, and went back for our spa treatment.

As both of us prefer aromatic swedish massages as compared to others like Thai massages, we opted for their Jetlag package, which is basically an extended and enhanced version of their Aromatic Body Bliss Massage. It is supposedly able to melt away tension, calm your senses and lulls you into a state of relaxation.

We were led to our room, and it being a couple suite, I would have expected it to be slightly bigger than what we got. So imagine my disappointment when I found out that it was two beds placed in a rather small and confined room.

IMG_2090I decided that it wouldn’t matter much as we wouldn’t be looking around for most of the massage, right? So we proceeded with our massage.

Here comes the more disappointing part.

We have been to numerous spas and massages as occasional treats to ourselves, and most of the time, have opted for the traditional Swedish massage. We like Swedish massaging style due to it’s slow and relaxed touches and kneading on your body, instead of one like Thai massages that probably would need a little cracking here and there.

Throughout my session, I could hear the gentle and smooth strokes of Kai’s masseuse, massaging as per how a normal Swedish massage should be. However, mine was nothing like that – it probably consisted of her kneading my body so hard and rough that I was being shifted around the massage bed every other minute!

It started off like that, and I thought that “oh perhaps this is just a different style and the beginning”. It went on for the whole 90 minutes despite me hinting to her it was a little too rough. FML.

Standing shower and bath tubs for you to wash up after the massage.

Standing shower and bath tubs for you to wash up after the massage.

A clarification with the receptionist revealed that my masseuse was actually transferred over from another branch, and is not one of the permanent staff over at Pan Pacific Singapore’s St. Gregory Spa. Although she was kind enough to explain it, it was still a rough 90 minutes which I totally did not enjoy, and worse of all – there was no word of apology for the bad feedback provided.

Empty and half-used bottles lying around the counter even before we started our massage.

Empty and half-used bottles lying around the counter even before we started our massage.

This is the other disappointing part about this entire experience. You know how the room/suite is normally tidied up and prepared for the next spa customer? Wouldn’t this be common sense, especially for more established spa outlets?

But no. When we went in, there were empty and half-used bottles of soap and lotion lying around on the table top, with some even dripping lotion onto the table. Sure, there might have been another spa customer/couple prior to our session, but since they were making the beds and tidying up the place, I would suppose more effort could go into tidying up such remnants too.

*Luckily our garments were sealed and clean – or at least I prefer to think so!

All in all, it was quite a disappointing experience. Kai enjoyed her massage (which was good to hear) but unfortunately, mine was probably one of the worst I’ve had so far. So in case you’re planning a visit to St. Gregory Spa, you might want to take note of this first.

Just for your information, St. Gregory Spa is a spa chain with a variety of massages and treatments, ranging from the traditional massages to Traditional Chinese Medicine practices. It has several other outlets around Singapore such as the ones in Conrad Centennial Singapore, PARKROYAL on Beach Road and Marina Mandarin Singapore. It has also expanded across the shores into neighbouring countries such as Malaysia, China, Japan and Vietnam. You can find their spa menus online at their respective location’s websites.

If you’re dropping by St. Gregory’s, I certainly hope your experience would be a better one compared to mine. Enjoy!


St. Gregory Spa @ Pan Pacific Singapore
Level 4, 7 Raffles Boulevard
Marina Square
Singapore 039595

Telephone: 6826 8140




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    • Hi Revolutioner! Thanks for your comment. It probably is a one-off “unfortunate” incident, but I’d definitely be more warey when visiting other joints!

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