Hahaha most of you would probably know where this came from by now.

As you know, there was recently a press conference for the new Fast and Furious 6 movie in Manila – and RazorTV and The Straits Times managed to secure an interview with some of the casts, namely Vin Diesel, Luke Evans, Michelle Rodrigeuz and Gina Carano.

They were movie stars all right, and possibly good drivers too given the number of times they were on screen/set with a thundering V8 or V10. At the interview, they were asked to make a guess as to how much a standard sedan costs here in Singapore, and I must say their response is mother-funny.

Must watch.

I miss the days of Perth where a Honda Civic costs no more than AUD$20,000 first hand.

Perhaps PM Lee, Minister Lui and their cabinet should watch this too hahaha #justsaying

*PS: And in other news, COE prices are up (again).


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