[First look] 2014 Hyundai Avante/Elantra

Hyundai Korea has released the first official photos of the 2014 Hyundai Elantra, named as the Avante in Korea and many other parts of the world. The Hyundai Avante is the 6th generation of Avante produced since it’s conception in 1990.

The launch of the 5th-gen Avante/Elantra saw Hyundai propelling itself forward in the automotive world, clinching numerous awards for it’s sleek, out-of-the-box design. The Elantra was crowned the North American Car of the Year 2012 at the Detroit Auto Show, winning over the Volkswagen Passat. It was also named the South African  and Philippine Car of the Year separately. Back in Singapore, it is evident that the car proves to be a popular hit among younger drivers on the roads.

Hyundai has launched it’s 6th-gen Elantra/Avante, packing more features in it in the bid the compete with it’s immediate rivals such as the new Kia K3 Forte.



The Avante (or what I shall call it here in this post) does not have any significant changes to it’s exterior, other than the addition of LED headlamps and running lights, as well as the new rim designs following in the footsteps of possibly it’s sportier brother – the Hyundai Veloster.

LED headlamps and running lights

LED headlamps and running lights

It is said that the rear lamps are now LED too...

It is said that the rear lamps are now LED too…

It also looks like Hyundai now offers (similarly to the new Honda Accord) the option of the side mirror camera which allows you to have a visual gauge of your car’s side when reversing.



Interior still looks the same as the 5th-gen Avante, with slight changes only to the center console. Seats are still configured for a 60-40 split fold to allow for bigger boot space, but other than that, it looks aesthetically the same as the old one.



It is said to feature Bluetooth now as a standard option (but it ultimately depends if Komoco will take it out), and hopefully Singapore will also import the version with the touch screen console instead of the miserable small screen that Elantras here have now.

Regrettably, after driving the Elantra for slightly more than two years now, I have to say I’m disappointed with the quality and build of the car. Korean car products used to suffer reputation blows for poor quality, and unfortunately, this has not improved much. Let’s hope this new Avante will bring about changes to this reputation of Korean cars.

Camera1Parking assist might also be available on the Avante now, where at the push of a button, the car will park itself. At least the reverse camera is now integrated into the main console screen, a move away from the one that is currently integrated into the rear view mirror.

Rear2On the overall, I’d say this car will probably look and drive almost the same as the 5th-gen Avante running on the roads now. How it performs and looks will have to wait for the car to be brought into Singapore – on a date still undecided by the dealers. But given the sky-high prices of COE now (Elantra now stands at around +/- S$120,000), you can expect this new Korean beauty to be priced around S$125,000 or even higher.


*All photographs courtesy of Hyundai Korea.



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