Celebrating her 24th! (Part 1) – SPACE @ My Humble House

So Kai turned 24 a while back (wow, one year older already! hahaha), and because it was right smack in the middle of the NDP busy period, we couldn’t take time off for a proper celebration. I decided to split her celebrations into three different parts over a period of time, of which I’ll slowly blog about here. We started off with a dinner on the day itself, followed by our favourite spa retreat a while later, and ended off with a very belated staycation at Fullerton Hotel after NDP ended! 

We were actually supposed to head down to Keppel Island for a nice dinner on her birthday night when Kai suggested I try SPACE @ My Humble House by Tung Lok Group. She had dined there previously with her colleagues and felt that the price was extremely reasonable for the food and ambience, so well, since she’s the birthday girl, why not?

SPACE is located on the second level of the Esplanade, tucked in a very quiet corner just below the library (and if you’ll know where Kenko is, it’s just next to it too). 


It serves local favourites such as char kway teow, chicken rice and congee, but before you judge any further that you’re paying big money for miserable hawker fare, read on and you’d be surprised you might end up agreeing with me that it actually is worth it.

Interior of Spaces

Interior of Spaces

I ordered one of their specialities – Hai Nan Chicken Rice ($12), which comes complete with soup, tender and juicy chicken slices, and a bowl of really fragrant rice. I’d prefer roast chicken any day but the succulent white chicken they serve really melts in your mouth. The chilli sauce has a tinge of saltiness in it too, a tad different from those you get at hawker centers. 

SPACE'S Hai Nan Chicken Rice

SPACE’S Hai Nan Chicken Rice

When I eat chicken rice, I tend to drench my chicken in as much sauce as I can (you know, the sauce at the bottom of the plate made up of soy sauce and god knows what else). I know it’s unhealthy but I love such sauces, and it really adds on a different taste to the sometimes blend chicken you get.

Because my camera's low light capability sucks, here's the stock photo of their Hai Nan Chicken Rice to make you salivate more...

Because my camera’s low light capability sucks, here’s the stock photo of their Hai Nan Chicken Rice to make you salivate more…

Kai ordered their Poached Seafood Rice in Claypot ($12), which to me, is basically seafood porridge.

Poached Seafood Rice in Claypot

Poached Seafood Rice in Claypot

I admit my first impression of the seafood rice wasn’t fantastic (the low lighting didn’t help), and I thought “huh, you’re paying $12 for a bowl of over-watery porridge? But boy was I wrong. Mixed with fish, scallops and squid bits, their seafood rice (or rather porridge, I’d call) was extremely fragrant, especially the soup (although I suspect it’s the MSG that makes it appealing LOL). Their fish slices were fresh, unlike some eateries where you could still get a whiff of ‘fishiness’ in it.

Fried Carrot Cake with X.O. Sauce

Fried Carrot Cake with X.O. Sauce

To complete our meal, we called their Fried Carrot Cake with X.O. Sauce ($14), which I felt was just mediocre. I’ve eaten better carrot cakes elsewhere, and for this particular dish, I must agreeing with the saying that “hawker food tastes the best at the hawker centre”. Topped with tau ghey, prawns and supposedly X.O. Sauce, I felt the carrot flavour was too overwhelming whereas the fried egg didn’t stand out that much. As usual, when they say “X.O. Sauce”, you normally can’t taste any of it -.-

After a satisfying meal!

After a satisfying meal!

All in all, I must say that for around $40++, we had a very satisfying meal although it was just merely chicken rice, porridge and carrot cake. The ambience was good, and the fact that SPACE was located in a corner meant that we had all the privacy that we wanted, and that we don’t get the main bulk of noise from the shopping areas (I really don’t like dining amongst the very noisy shopping crowd). 

If you’re looking for a place to have a quiet meal with your loved ones or even colleagues, do drop by SPACE and try out their selection of local cuisine! You can find their menu online here!

Then again, if your taste buds are itching for something of higher quality and better ambience, you can try out the more “atas” My Humble House (which is just next to Spaces).

The more "atas" My Humble House, which supposedly serves better food (at a higher price of course)

The more “atas” My Humble House, which supposedly serves better food (at a higher price of course)


SPACE is located at:

The Esplanade Theatres on the Bay

8 Raffles Avenue
Singapore 039802

Tel : +65 6423 1881

Opening Hours :
Lunch : 11:45AM – 3:00PM 
Dinner : 6:00PM – 10.30PM

Last Order
Lunch : 2:30PM
Dinner : 10:00PM


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