“PES E9 for Army… tons of time for outside business”

Disclaimer: This is a rant post on a particular hot topic online – all views are personal and have no intention of defaming any particular person(s) and/or organisation named.

Through Facebook, I chanced upon this Facebook post by a particular Sky Vayden Lim – currently one of the hottest debate topics on online forums especially EDMW.

For those who are wondering, Sky posted a Facebook status yesterday, saying how he managed to get PES E9 for his upcoming enlistment, and that he would be able to book out daily once he enlisted to commit to his own business – Crownsify.

(PES refers to Physical Employment Status, a term used by the SAF to gauge the level of physical training each recruit needs to undergo depending on their medical history/conditions. PES E9 is the lowest PES status any serviceman can be awarded, and they are mostly posted as administrative assistants, aka clerks.)


I don’t have any issues with this Sky running his own business, but I’m personally worried and annoyed by his arrogance displayed here. God knows what medical condition he has to warrant a PES E9 grading, but if that were not true and he had made up some medical condition just to get a low PES status to book out daily, he is in for a rough time in the army.

Furthermore, if I do not remember wrongly, running your own business out of the SAF is considered moonlighting, a chargeable offence under the SAF Act (if he doesn’t declare it upon enlistment). I wonder what is his motive though…

Managed to “CSI” on Crownsify and what it does…

The webpage of Crownsify

The webpage of Crownsify

Crownsify is apparently a crowdsourced social media and marketing platform, working by means of using Facebook cover photos as a means of advertising. I’m not too sure how this works (too lazy to read their whole business “proposal”) but their three testimonials sound funny though.

Mr Sky here also mentioned that his Marketing Director – Gary Lim, has also enlisted into the SAF. If Gary is still running the business now, doesn’t it also amount up to moonlighting as well?

It also appears that Crownsify’s Privacy Policy page has the exact same paragraph policy as Gush Ad – another social media marketing platform. I’m not sure who copied who but wow at the differences similarities…

Privacy Policy at Gushad

Privacy Policy at Gushad

Now read Crownsify’s Privacy Policy.

Spot the difference (if any)

Spot the difference (if any)


Sky has since removed his Facebook post (the one attached above), but netizens have been questioning if this is indeed legal or will he indeed continue to moonlight after his enlistment. After all, he appears to be labelled as a “chao keng kia” to most of them. Some have also written in to the Ministry of Defence, awaiting their reply on this issue.

I find it a pity that such a young and budding entrepreneur would think this way. I believed if he had adopted the right mentality and concentrated on NS first, he could ORD happily and can continue with his promising business after his NS commitments. I personally do not like NS (as many guys would agree with me), but I understand its importance and will serve the nation anytime. This young kid, with this kind of mentality though, needs to be taught a lesson.

What do you think?


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