Celebrating her 24th! (Part 2) – Spa Rael @ Goodwood Park

On the night of Kai’s birthday, I brought her to SPACE @ My Humble House, located within The Esplanade, for dinner. You can check out the blog post and review here.

Because it was NDP period then, we pushed back our celebrations till post-NDP where we had more time (and finally, free weekends to ourselves) to celebrate properly. You see, we discovered a Spa Rael voucher in the NDP coupon booklet, and decided to check out their packages available.

Lo and behold, we found a Couple Retreat promotional package (still ongoing) for $148, which includes a body scrub and a full body massage. So we went ahead!

Photo credit: Spa Rael

Photo credit: Spa Rael

Spa Rael is located within Goodwood Park Hotel premises, although it stands alone in a building separate from the main hotel. We discovered that it was a sister spa of The Ultimate, the spa that we went previously and loved it (it was still the best till date).

The waiting area of Spa Rael. Photo credit: Spa Rael

The waiting area of Spa Rael. Photo credit: Spa Rael

Because of the extremely low lighting inside the room, I decided to get photo samples from Spa Rael website, so there won’t be any photos here >.<

Our session started off with a lavender lur-lur body scrub in a freezing couple suite (mental note to check air con temperature in future), a quick rinse and then our full body massage. The suite was extremely spacious, similar to the one in the photo above, with a standing shower, a huge jacuzzi, and two beds. For this package, we could either opt for the jacuzzi or the body scrub, and since Kai has a thing for body scrubs, we went ahead with that hahaha.

I thought The Ultimate’s body scrub was better, for the lavender scrub used here at Spa Rael was a little too watery for the touch. The massage was great though, with our masseuse highly skilled in TCM knowledge and massage techniques. She even pointed out to me that a part of my right hand was injured (what injury, I didn’t ask – was probably too shocked to hear that lol).

This is the promotional package we took up. If you’re looking for a good quality spa to enjoy a retreat with your loved one, you can consider this – definitely worth the money I would say:


They have rooms that face the gardens of Goodwood Park Hotel too, so if you’d rather a relaxing session with greenery, you can opt for that too.

Photo credit: Spa Rael

Photo credit: Spa Rael

On the overall, I would say this is still one of the better spa/massage sessions I’ve had, though it still cannot match The Ultimate. I’d give it the following ratings out of 5:

General Ambiance: 3
Room Ambiance: 4
Massage: 4
Body Scrub: 2.5
Overall: 4

Spa Rael is located at:

Goodwood Park Hotel
22, Scotts Road
Singapore 228221

Tel: +65 6732 9633

Opening hours:
Weekdays: 1000 hrs – 2000 hrs
Weekends: 1000 hrs – 1730 hrs


*Stay tuned for Part 3: Fullerton Staycation! :)


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