No more GV deals for SAFRA members!


For the longest time, I have faithfully stuck to SAFRA not because of their benefits at SAFRA Clubhouses, but rather the privileges they provide in entertainment places, such as their Golden Village Movie Deals lol. For a discounted price, it is extremely worth it to book movie tickets, especially during weekends when the rack rates are exorbitantly high.

However, when I tried booking tickets for a screening today, I realized that the Golden Village Deal for SAFRA members has expired and been discontinued! I’ve not received any updates or notifications from SAFRA or GV notifying it’s members about this – it all seems so silent and stealth.

No more reasonably priced movie tickets from SAFRA

No more reasonably priced movie tickets from SAFRA


No more reasonably priced tickets from SAFRA and GV :(

Maybe I should stick to Cathay and their awesome sound system for now.



Ok I realized I missed out on this news that SAFRA has now paired up with Shaw to offer discounts for their movie screenings from 16 October 2013.

Safra said the new partnership “offers a wider suite of movie privileges with new deals on opening titles, sneaks and 3D movies”. For example, members can purchase a pair of movie tickets at half price on weekends. This offer, which is limited to the first 1,000 pair of tickets per day, was not offered under the previous tie-up with Golden Village.

You can read the full news article here at AsiaOne’s website.


One thought on “No more GV deals for SAFRA members!

  1. Bro, all not lost. HSBC Pre-paid GV Moviecard $75 for 10 tickets. And you mentioned Cathay good sound? Well I am a GV fan for its comfort chairs which can rest the heads. Other cinema operators cmi imho. Good sound can be found on 2 GV cinemas.. The GV Max & the Vivocity Gold Class largest hall.

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