Of red velvet cakes and the new Mercedes S Class…

The title says it all. Not plugging for any products/food outlets or anything but just random musings.

You see, Kai is away on a work trip (gosh I wish I could travel too) since Thursday, and will not be back until 10 days later. Yes. 10. Some of you may think “hey, don’t worry lah, it’ll pass very fast”. I think being newly-weds it doesn’t help much, so 10 more days essentially feels like a few months to me. GAH.

And it also doesn’t help that I’m sitting for my language exams this Tuesday and Wednesday. I’ve been on intensive course for the past two months, and it’s becoming so dry that I sometimes wish I could just take the exam now and be done with it HAHA.

So yesterday, I went out to take a walk and clear my mind (in the hopes that I could study better but this attempt failed miserably). Happen to chance upon a Coffee Club and thought I’d try out their desserts there. So I trotted it and sat down:

Me: Hello! Could I have a red velvet cake please?

Waiter: Sure, let me check for you if it’s available though…

Ok… let’s hope it is.

Waiter comes back: Sorry sir, the red velvet cake isn’t available now. Would you like to try our Christmas special *points to something called the Velvety Christmas*. It’s basically a log cake that they’ll slice a piece for you.

So I decided to have that. If you’re hoping for an abundance of red velvet inside the cake, I’d say forget it.

IMG_20131207_084245First of all, it’s extremely creamy. Meaning to say those with a weak tolerance of cream won’t like it. And this cream ain’t sweet at all. It’s just tasteless.

Next, the layer of red velvet tastes great at first, but you’ll slowly realize that the cheesy part in the middle of the cake gets too overwhelming as you dig into your piece of cake. So much so that I kept drinking water to wash off the cheesy and creamy taste. By this time, you’ll probably not be able to taste any more red velvet.

Urgh. It ain’t velvety at all (unlike it’s name).

Just a tip though… for those who’re intending to try this out. Definitely not worth the $7.90 – you’d probably be better off getting Coffee Bean’s red velvet cake or even Marble Slab’s one, which I heard is fantastic!


Also managed to meet up with Denyna today and trotted down to see the new Mercedes Benz S Class! Not that I’m going to buy it but it surely is a wonder and technology marvel!

PhotoGrid_1386483381808I dare say this car tops the range and far surpasses any car of it’s class. With 3D navigation, premium sound system, intelligent lighting and an enhanced engine to provide better power and fuel economy, this is definitely a wonder to have. This car is indeed THE car to be chauffeured in, but if you’re more of a driver’s person, I think the 7 would suit you better.

Sadly to say, the price tag is also extremely marvelous.

$484,888 for an S400L HYBRID if I’m not wrong.

I’ll do up a review soon on this car (after this hectic exam week). But for those who’re interested, the waiting list is over 1000 now (up from the previous 400 as reported in the papers), and customers are expecting delivery of their new cars sometime next June, according to sources.


Ok, enough ranting. Back to studies. Tata…


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