Making space(s), and my war zone (room)

I actually wanted to blog about this a while ago but as you might have guessed, procrastination got the better of me -.-

With our wedding coming up real soon (and also CNY around the corner), I started clearing out the tonnes of history I had inside my cupboard….

To make more space for Kai when she comes over LOL.

IMG_20131214_124013As you can see, my study is now a full fledged war zone pfft. The amount of things I found stashed deep in my cupboard is amazing – I found my primary school health booklet (anyone still remember that? LOL) as well as my O level study materials wow.

IMG_20131214_124125A little part of it done, at least now there’re more space for both of us.

NB: My room is usually not so messy (in case you think I’m living among all of these all year round wtf lol).


Earlier this year, shortly after our ROM, we embarked on a massive “room” transformation to prepare for our wedding next year lol. After all, our condo won’t be ready till 2015, so we’ll be bunking in with my parents first until the unit is done! Months of hacking, replacing windows, painting gahhh…

My parents were awesome to give us my dad’s study on the third story room (with an attached bath) so it’d be more convenient for us! Heh.

It started out with us removing the balcony doors and leveling the parquet flooring, extending out into the balcony.

1Then, when the flooring was done, it was time for painting! We chose yellow and red, a little striking but we felt it brightened up the entire room a lot!



And as usual, painting was fun but the tiring part is clearing stuff after you finish painting -.-

4And because I decided to move upstairs first, we bought a bedroom set which came with a dressing table, a queen bed frame, a bedside table and a wardrobe – all for only close to $1100!

We originally wanted to get it from as they really have some awesome deals there. But we managed to find another more awesome deal from another shop hahaha. But if you’re looking at reasonably-priced furnitures and sets, you can check out’s website!

So this is the end product… with the painted door frame and new air con!

6Haha pardon the single bed on the queen frame. Our bed hasn’t arrived yet so this is about the best I can make do with LOL.

7Gonna blog again when everything is done up for our wedding (with the new bed and all the la li la zha stuff hahaha).

For now, back to my war-zoned room…


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