Nakamichi and their new speakers!

Sound buffs out there would be familiar with the brand Nakamichi and their renowned ability to produce awesome sound quality from their speakers. I’m not one who’s particularly picky about sound quality but I dare say their speakers could possibly be on par with the higher end brands such as Beats Electronics.

This time round, Nakamichi launched 5 new portable Bluetooth speakers – an added enhancement to it’s product range, banking on innovation and more immersive and interactive music capabilities anywhere. Thanks to the peeps from McGallen & Bolden, I got my hands on two of Nakamichi’s latest release – the NBS8 and NBS10 a while back.

Nakamichi NBS8
Intelligent Wireless Speaker for seamless music experience – (SRP S$169 inclusive of GST)

The new Nakamichi NBS 8

The new Nakamichi NBS8

I dare say the NBS8 is probably my favourite among their new line-up. It sits and blends in perfectly into our bedside table, and is definitely one of the more interactive and intuitive ones.

Integrated with motion sensor controls on the top of the speaker, the NBS8 allows for either Bluetooth or auxiliary pairing via cable from the rear side. The sensor buttons allow you to switch songs, adjust your volume control, and even pick up incoming phone calls! If that’s not impressive enough, the speaker reads out your caller before you swipe the answer key.

At just 180 mm long, the NBS8 will sit perfectly in most settings depending on the colour you choose, and it’s battery life impressed me just as much – a single charge can last me around 6 hours of non-stop music playing via Bluetooth (perhaps more if I connect via the auxiliary wire). I was almost worried that my S3’s battery will run out before the NBS8’s.

If you don’t feel like pairing your phone with the speaker, you can also insert your Micro-SD card with music into the NBS8. Fuss free, and perhaps it’ll extend your battery life since you’re not leeching it’s Bluetooth’s capability.

Nakamichi NBS10
(SRP S$179 inclusive of GST)

Nakamichi NBS 10

Nakamichi NBS10

I thought this would perhaps be a more versatile speaker to bring around compared to the rest, especially the NBS8 (as reviewed above).

Measuring just 90 mm x 90 mm x 90 mm, this quirky baseball-shaped speaker also provides you with both Bluetooth and auxiliary wiring pairing options. I thought the sound quality of this didn’t match up to the NBS8, but I must admit it is impressive for it’s size, especially when you compare to those puny little ones you get outside from the electrical stores.

With a wireless connectivity distance of 10 metres, this means that you can create your own “surround sound” system by placing one speaker further from the other. Don’t expect the same as your 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound from GV, but I still think you’ll be pleased with these two small little speakers.


The rest of the new line-up from Nakamichi includes:

Nakamichi NBS7
Fun, Style and Function for the Home – (SRP $119 inclusive of GST)

Nakamichi NBS7

Nakamichi NBS7

A funky, pineapple-designed Bluetooth speaker banking on it’s built-in passive radiator, improving internal air pressure fluctuations and resulting in better sound quality. I’m not too sure how it works but it’s probably a quirkier version of the NBS8.

Nakamichi NBS9
(SRP S$129 inclusive of GST)

Nakamichi NBS9

Nakamichi NBS9

This speaker is equipped with NFC (Near-field communication) technology, a short-range wireless interactive technology which can detect the proximity of your pairing music device before deciding on the type of pairing connection. It’s faster than your Bluetooth connectivity apparently, and looks like those meeting room telephones you use to hold conference calls lol! You can read up more about NFC here at this website.

Nakamichi NBS711 “my SoundBox BT”
(SRP S$119 inclusive of GST)

Nakamichi NBS711

Nakamichi NBS711

Called “my SoundBox BT”, this portable (NBS8 lookalike) Bluetooth speaker may be your best bet if you’re on a tight budget. From the specs, it probably functions as well as the NBS8, delivering high clarity conversations and quality music from your mobile devices, though I’m not too sure how true this stands since I didn’t get the chance to review this.


The above 5 new Nakamichi speakers are now available at Tangs, Technobay Level 3, HMV outlets, iSound @ Changi Terminal 2, eHub @ Changi Terminal 3, all Challenger outlets and all Nakamichi authorized resellers.

If you’re considering a small speaker for your work desk or perhaps by your bed, why not head down and test out these Nakamichi speakers for yourself?

I’m enjoying my NBS8 – you probably won’t regret yours too! :)


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