What does your Zodiac animal say about your travel style?

Hahaha yes you read it right.

You know how Chinese horoscopes tend to play with the Zodiac animals and their fortunes/misfortunes for the coming year? Well, I’m not a firm believer of that – actually I really don’t trust what it says LOL but yes that’s another story.

So today, I chanced upon something on Insinc – which is basically an online portal where you can sign up to gain points by travelling on MRT. By travelling on non-congested periods of the day, you earn higher points, of which you can use to win rebates!

Ok coming back to the topic, so Insinc came up with their own Zodiac animal chart. And it’s one that predicts your travel style!

Zodiac INSINCHahaha. I find it super hilarious that they can think of such stuff.

The developers even came up with the analysis of each individual trend!

Zodiac INSINC2

Does your travel pattern relates to your own Zodiac animal up in the chart above? Let’s see how accurate it is! :)



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