The making of our wedding MV! #irwinandkaishi

A blink of an eye and it’s been close to 3 months since we held our customary wedding. Oh how time flies.

We recently met up with our videographer, Evan, from Timeless Romance, to collect our wedding summary highlights and final video! So in line with this, I decided to pen a post about our wedding MV we screened during our banquet, interspersed with snippets of behind the scenes of the filming.


Filming back at our alma matar

When we chose our videography package and settled for Timeless Romance, the thought of doing a concept/music video didn’t cross my mind. And even after Evan pitched it to us, I left the meeting thinking “will it take up too much of our time?”, or “how will we look in the MV?” After all, I’m used to being behind a camera, not in front LOL.

Our dedicated team, Evan and Mars!

Our dedicated team, Evan and Mars!

But Evan convinced us otherwise and painted a beautiful storyboard for us, which I’m glad it materialised in the end. We spent three full days filming our MV, which was screened just before our first march-in during our banquet dinner earlier in March this year.



Our MV brings you back to the moment where we first got together, and the various ups and downs in our relationship these 4 years or so. Of course, much of it was rather exaggerated, but there’re also snippets of our time together which was rather accurately reflected inside this 9 minute long video.

Wondered how we got our taxi shot?

Wondered how we got our taxi shot?

We roamed the island, capturing places and memories of our past 4 years together, from the most ulu-NTU, across to the heart of CBD at MBS, and even the sandy beaches of East Coast Park. Filming was really quite tiring for us, but I’m sure it was worse for our VGs!


And did you know that I never ever watched the final product until after the wedding itself? Hahaha. Kai had the opportunity to watch it when she was doing her make up that morning, but I was kept in the dark until when we closed the banquet and went up to our suite!

Talking to a camera is never easy lol

Talking to a camera is never easy lol

So, thanks to the dedication and passion of Evan and his team, countless NGs, fun and laughter (and sweat), we pulled off this life story of ours which until now, we can’t get tired of watching.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as we do :)


Selected photo images in MV courtesy of Wang Simin and Malcolm Koh.


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