EA Detailer: Your 110% Car Sanitisation and Detailing

“No matter how clean your car is, there will always be some bugs crawling around.”

This was the honest feedback I got from one of my friends when I first took delivery of our new Nissan Qashqai a year back. Undeniably, most of us drivers take-away our meals in our cars, while another group of us (especially families with kids) munch in the cars. Nevertheless, I refused to believe that we were indeed sharing our car with some unknown, unwelcomed guests – given that I make it a point to wash our car once every few days.

It was only till my recent appointment with EA Detailer that I truly believed what I was told, when I saw for my own eyes the three baby roaches that crawled out of their cosy little hiding places in our car cabin.

Yes, roaches.

Rewinding back a bit before we touch on this “roach” problem, I was invited to try out EA Detailer’s interior sanitisation and anti-pest fumigation package, so I hopped onto this golden opportunity to try out their sanitisation services (and see for myself if there really were bugs). It didn’t help that our beloved ball of fur (read: golden retriever, who sheds a lot) hops on for a car ride once in a while, leaving huge chunks of fur everywhere.

First impression


EA Detailer is located along Jalan Tua Kong, near Circuit Road for those who need a better general direction sense. Entering the reception area, I was impressed by the bright and cheerful outlook of the area, unlike most workshops that maintain a dull, white impression.


Welcome to EA Detailer – today is going to be wonderful for you!


Rest assure your kids will be entertained throughout the entire detailing service.

The service was commendable, and Victor (the centre manager) brought me through the treatment that our Qashqai will be accorded that day, followed by a thorough inspection of the car to record any existing dents and scratches that they couldn’t possibly rectify.


Victor doing a thorough inspection of my car.

Then, I handed the keys over to their staff, who brought the car around to their working area at the back.

Anti-Pest Fumigation and Foam Wash

To maximise efficiency, they fumigated my car, closed the doors, and did a thorough foam wash (the fumes stay within the car for approximately 30 minutes to “force” the tiny bugs out of their hiding places).

The guys over at EA Detailer took pains to clay the surface of our Qashqai, ensuring that surface grime was removed. Extra care and attention were paid to the more inaccessible areas such as the wheel arches to ensure that it was properly cleaned.


Once the 30 minutes was up, I was presented to our three “friends” who had been sharing the same ride with us all these while. I was a little shocked, but at the same time, glad that they’re out of the picture now. I understand that it was common to encounter as many as 70 roaches per car. Wow. How is it even possible to continue driving that vehicle?


One of the three unfortunate crawlies that never ever saw the light of day again.

Note: I was told the fumes may only kill 80% of roaches living in the car, while the remaining 20% may take their own time to crawl out and die over the next few days. Thankfully, we never saw that 20%, so I’m assuming the 3 roaches found were all that were present!


Sneak preview of the kind of creatures lurking deep within your car.

Interior works

After getting rid of the pests, it was time to continue with the interior treatment. Firstly, the guys performed a ProMed Ozonic Treatment, using a UV generator placed within the car for 15 minutes with the aircon at full blast. This removed any odour that was left over by the fumigation, as well as regulate the air conditioning wind cycle.

Next was the leather treatment. While most treatment outlets that I know of tend to spruce up the leather of your car till it shines, EA Detailer applies a layer of leather protection over your seats, giving it a matt feel instead of the shiny, slippery, and oily texture you get.


EA Detailer uses a wide range of products to freshen up your car.

Concurrently, the guys did a steam cleaning of the fabric surfaces in the car’s interior. While this step is usually optional, the steam (regulated at around 70°C) will get rid of most dust mites and fleas – especially useful for families like us who have fur-kids around at home. 

Last but not least, to wrap up the interior sanitisation process, the guys sprayed the interior with a Viral-Rid Anti Bacterial Spray, certified biodegradable by the Singapore General Hospital. No worries about any pungent smell from the spray, the lavender fragrance actually made the car smell brand new all over again!

Exterior Works

EA Detailer very kindly offered me a 3-Stage Exterior Glow package too, which includes the initial foam wash (inclusive of claying), as well as two layers of compound polish (first with their “Heaviest Cut” pad to address minor scratches, and subsequently with their “Finest Cut” finishing). A layer of Premium Wax Sealant is then applied to finish off the exterior works.

To avoid any misunderstanding, the staff were quick to inform me that the sealant is not scratch, stain, nor water proof, but will offer a sort of hydrophobic effect which is known to repel water.

[At this stage, you may also wish to top up for either the 10H Diamond, or the 9H Titanium paint protection coating.]

Delivery of Car

At the end of treatment (which took approximately 5 hours for both interior and exterior), the guys drove the car back into the showroom, and Victor walked me round the car to inspect the quality of their workmanship.


In a nutshell, EA Detailer’s service was impeccable, and Victor and his staff did everything possible to refresh our Qashqai (despite it being barely a year old). Their attention to detail is perfect, and they’re never too afraid and always willing to offer different treatments and packages but yet, respect your wishes should you choose not to take them up.

It disappointed me that the skies opened while on my way home, but it was simply amazing how the coating’s effect proved its worth. A simple point to note: EA Detailer will advise you to not wash your car with soap water for a couple of weeks to allow for the coating to sit – just plain water would suffice.

A rundown of the packages available:







Hydro Extraction Vacuum

Ozonic Treatment

Leather Treatment

Steam Cleaning

Original Pricing




Promotional Price





3-Stage Exterior Glow @ $219

Coating Pricing:

10H Diamond @ $949 (Promotional Price @ $699)

9H Titanium @ $599 (Promotional Price @ $399)

Interior & Exterior

I understand that EA Detailer is pleased to offer a combination offer for both 3.5-Stage Interior and 3-Stage Exterior for only $238.

*Please note that there will be a surcharge of $50 for large vehicles (e.g. SUVs, MPVs, and large flagship luxury sedans).

**SPECIAL OFFER: EA Detailer has kindly agreed to extend the following discount (on top of the promotional price) to our readers! Please quote “A Shutterbug’s Life” when visiting their showroom for this special rate!

[Option 1] 50% off 3-Stage Interior Sanitisation Package @ $108 instead of $219

[Option 2] Take both 3-Stage Interior and 3-Stage Exterior Package for only $198 (usual price @ $238)

To qualify, all you have to do is to “Like” the EA Detailer Facebook Page HERE, and book your detailing appointment at http://eadetailer.com/ashutterbugslife!

Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertorial, but an invitation by EA Detailer – all opinions belong to A Shutterbug’s Life.


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