Krabi 2012! – Day 3 and 4

Because I felt my posts on Krabi were all about food, food and more food, I’ve decided to combine the last two days of our trip together into one post!

Day 3

Woke up and we decided to try breakfast at the cafe for once, rather than sitting outside our villa breeding mosquitoes. Well, it wasn’t any better at the cafe, cos I had about the same amount of love bites from the mozzies as compared to outside our villa -.-

My omelette set meal

Kai’s fried rice, which was really fragrant (and salty).

So after breakfast, we decided to take a slow walk down to the beach (again). We didn’t opt for any island tours (yes you can now scold me stupid for not going) but well, because of my affinity with the sea and it’s tendency to make me sick on board boats -.- I must say I’m really fortunate that Kai is willing to spend the trip lazing at the beaches with me instead of exploring other islands like what most tourists would do.

Back at Ao Nang Beach!

We arrived at the beach slightly later than previous days, and so after a while, it’s time to eat again! We’re eating non stop over there!

For the days we were at Krabi, we walked past this Massaman Restaurant and Bar every day that it intrigued me to try it some day. So after our lazy morning at the beach, we decided to hop over there for lunch.

Lunch at Massaman Restaurant!

Fried omelette at the Massaman restaurant. I LOVE THIS OMELETTE. SALTY and DELICIOUS!

Battered prawn and onion rings.

The prawns are amazingly fresh I feel.

Mixed vegetable soup (which was also delicious – probably because it’s salty too!)

I think the food in Krabi tastes fantastic to me because the Thais probably are over-generous with the amount of MSG and salt they throw into their cooking hahaha! But coming back to this, for 3 dishes and rice (plus drinks), our meal came up to slightly past 250 baht, which is honestly, really reasonable.

I later found out that the Massaman Restaurant and Bar is one of the top-voted eateries in that area – remember to check it out if you’re in Krabi!

Because of our sun-burn and achy body after two days of sun-tanning at the beach, we decided to treat ourselves to another spa! This time, Kai tried their signature Traditional Thai massage (600 baht for 60 minutes) at the Vogue Resort and Spa (you can find reviews of their spa in my second day post!), while I went for a relaxing Aloe Vera After Sun Massage (1,200 baht for 60 minutes). It was basically spamming aloe vera onto my skin, and boy, did I feel soothed and relaxed after that 60 minutes of spamming haha. It is definitely something highly recommended to those who are sun-burnt or need to cool down their bodies after a hot day out.

As it was our last night in Krabi, we set off after our massage for one of the restaurants by the sea. We’ve been eating at moderately-priced eateries and cafes for the past 3 days, and thought we ought to treat ourselves to a better restaurant for our last night there. So we trotted down to the beach after a shower, and went to choose our restaurant.

There are quite a number of restaurants by the sea, and we finally settled for one (which unfortunately, I cannot recall the name). Didn’t manage to take photos of the food because it had exceptionally dim lighting there (the idea of a romantic dinner ya).

The restaurant had outdoor seating. Those zig-zag white “sparks” are actually lanterns, not fire lol!

After dinner, we decided to take a walk along the streets again as the night scene was beginning to fire up. It had been raining the past 2 nights we were there, so the night stalls didn’t manage to set up for business.

Typical road side stall selling fruits, juices and finger food.

One of the numerous massage centres/parlous along the streets of Krabi.

Streets of Ao Nang during magic time.


Day 4

Our last day in Krabi. How time flies. We opted again to have breakfast outside our villa, for the last time. The last day of a holiday is always the most memorable for me, because I’ll always remember the unwillingness to end my holiday and go back home.

Because we didn’t do much on our last day but to just walk around enjoying our last moments in Krabi, this is going to be pretty much a picture-heavy post.

Breakfast outside our villa once again, for the last time.

Took a stroll down to Ao Nang Beach to collect sea shells. Can you spot SuperStar Libra along the horizon? :P

A typical long tail boat (which is quite shaky on the seas). I guess you must time properly for a holiday in Krabi during the correct season so as not to get too sea sick.

Shops along the beach typically don’t open until 11 am.

We decided to pop by a road side stall for lunch.

Here’s the memorable part for me. Since young, I have this unexplainable apprehension against eating at road side stalls. So, even when I was in China a few years back for an MOE exchange, I stayed away from the infamous road side stalls although everyone kept saying they were the best. And during a recent family holiday in Bangkok, I saw a chicken drumstick flew to the ground, rolled past a sidewalk, over some waste water, and got picked up by the hawker, chopped and served. WTF.

So, it naturally came as a milestone when Kai managed to persuade me to try this road side stall. Yes, some of you might say I’m spoilt. Perhaps my stomach ain’t conditioned enough. So, conditioning starts now!

A happy Kai with her chocolate-banana pancake!

Close up of the chocolate-banana pancake. It was actually really nice!

We continued the second part of our lunch at the nearby McDonalds (no need for pictures right? hahaha) before heading back to The Cliff to pack our luggages and wait for our transport to the airport.

1 pm came, and our airport shuttle arrived. With a heavy heart, we bade farewell to The Cliff and boarded the shuttle for our 30-minute ride to Krabi International Airport. Although we didn’t do much nor go for any exciting activities throughout our stay there, it was still a well-enjoyed and peaceful holiday for the both of us.

Waiting for our plane at the departure terminal of Krabi International Airport.

Our “Tiger” finally arrived!

Boarding 9V-TAV.

Managed to snap this shot of Krabi International Airport right before the irritating air steward nagged at me to turn off my camera. Pfft.
Bye Krabi.

View of Thailand’s plantations and fields as we climbed up to our cruising altitude.

Our plane made a circular hook around Bintan and came in by the north-west East Coast park approach. It was very easy identifying Singapore from the air because of our iconic landmarks such as the Singapore Flyer and MBS.

On final approach into runway 02C, with the queue of planes on the taxiway waiting for us.

This holiday was really enjoyable for both Kai and myself, though I must make it a point to try more exciting activities next time when we go to such a resort for a holiday! But for the normal holiday-maker, Krabi is indeed a wonderful town if you’re looking for a laid-back and tranquil place to get away from the buzzing city.

If you have sensitive taste buds like us, you’d find that everything in Singapore tastes extremely plain once you come back from Thailand, thanks to the generous amount of flavouring they heap onto their dishes there. Hahaha. We had such a hard time getting used to Singapore food again. :P

Holiday-withdrawal symptoms aside, it’s back to reality again. Thanks for reading, and I hope I’ve given you some tips if you’re planning to head there! :)

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