Marina Bay Link Mall

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Sorry, to those of you who have been waiting for a new post. Anyway, internship started this week and I’m now at Ernst & Young’s Marketing and Communications Department. (more about the company and my internship in the next post!)


But for now, if you’re tired of shopping in the same old shops and yearn for a new and refreshing shopping trip, finished with a nice meal, head down to the new Marina Bay Link Mall, connecting the CBD with the new Marina Bay Financial District!


Terence met me for lunch the other day and chancing on the 15 minutes I have left, we headed to the new Link Mall for a quick walk. Nothing much to describe here, it’s mainly pictures.


A general view of the mall, or rather, one section of it


The other side of the mall - yes I know it looks the same...


Breadtalk - situated right at the end, next to the upcoming Downtown Line station!


Ichiban Boshi - I feel it has really little seats inside, can sit probably only around 40?


Giordano Ladies - for the 'atas' people... (I won't say they have nice clothes though)


Nubox! For the Mac/Apple-lovers like me!


And of course, what's a CBD without Starbucks!


That’s about all the photos I took – didn’t want to stop along every shop to snap a photo, especially since I’m only holding an iPhone camera and not a compact. But there’re a lot of other shops there, e.g. Watsons (their Watsons is really huge and spacious, unlike those you see that you have to squeeze with some fat bugger down the aisle!), Ding Tai Fung, Soup Spoon, Eu Yan Sang… etc etc!


And because it’s within the heartlands of CBD and right beneath the new Marina Bay Financial Centre, it’s not surprising that a website was established just for this mall! Check out their website here or their store directory here!


It’s really nice strolling down this new stretch of shopping belt during lunch, taking a break from the usual crowd at Raffles Place near The Arcade and the Ocean Towers vicinity. Do head down there one day if you’re free!


3 thoughts on “Marina Bay Link Mall

  1. We’re (Standing Sushi Bar) down there in that mall! Though
    the hallway we’re in is kind of hidden. Next to Four Seasons
    Gourmet Market and the Starhub shop. In case you are back in the
    area again! :)

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  3. Time to visit Marina Bay Link Mall again! More new tenants and offerings plus alfresco dining at the Ground Plaza with the likes of Harry’s , Boulevard Bayfront, Akari Dining and Bar, Brawn Steakhouse and Paradise Pavilion. Perfect place to catch the ND fireworks or just to enjoy the Marina Bay waterfront.

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